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There has never been a field of e-commerce, such as the rapid development of online group buying, and in the network to buy users accumulate the most "pump".

CNNIC data show that as of December 2012, China's online shopping users reached 242 million people, of which the number of group purchase has reached 83.27 million, which means that more than 30% online users to participate in group buying, online buying has become an important way of shopping netizens.

At present, the network purchase of the accumulated popularity and purchasing power is still being released, in addition to stimulating life services to buy the scale of the rising, in the field of group buying has also appeared more and more big brand figure, Drive group buying industry a new round of growth.

Lose money not to lose a group to win popularity

In the last year handle the IPO, the U.S. team laid off the brakes, F Group Holding group heating, 24 coupons eliminated and so on a series of events, group buying financing winter, industry competition and integration is still intensifying, at present, group buying site through layoffs, scale reduction and so on to achieve profitability will be difficult to continue, buy short-term will also be a "lost money" business.

However, this does not affect the continued development of online group buying. Data show that 2012, the total number of independent group purchase site purchases reached 456 million, the cumulative turnover of 21.39 billion yuan, is nearly twice times the turnover of 2011, of which, the first group to buy the glutinous rice network, the performance of the group in particular eye-catching.

456 million times the purchase record, but also let the market see the group buy in the young network to buy a strong appeal, and with the expansion of user size and group purchase consumption of continuous expansion, network group purchase as a brand and business important propaganda channels and potential market has been increasingly not to be overlooked.

And the once-elusive big brand group, but also to buy the industry's development to bring new opportunities. Recently, in glutinous rice net "The Spring Festival" buys the special session, the reporter saw world-renowned crystal brand Swarovski, the well-known watch brand wave harp, the sports brand Nike, Adidas and so on figure. Industry insiders revealed that large brands can bring more stable consumption of high-quality users.

glutinous Rice Net Spring Festival buy special show many Nike, Adidas and other big brand figure

Big brand Buy the next growth point

Industry insiders expect, along with the network buys in the young net buys the popular popularity the continuous ferment, after the local merchant has net to participate in the group buying, the big brand participation Group will become the next growth point.

Big brands as a group buying growth, also not without challenges. Its participation in group buying for the biggest obstacle to popularity, is the low price of group buying will upset the big brand itself compared to the curing pricing mechanism. This is also the previous many brands to participate in online group buying "want to also shame" the main reason.

Electric business observers are optimistic about this, and that "big brand and group purchase site cooperation, but also conducive to the brand accurate grasp of young people's consumer psychology and consumption habits." At the same time, group buying website adhere to the development of fine quality, provided is already not only low price, but also includes the brand experience value and quality endorsement. ”

The electric trader also said that considering the impact of group buying on the pricing mechanism, large brands can be "limited-style" or "festive", similar to "second Kill" and "member feedback" and so on, foreign just Rising "flash" mode is also a form that can be used for reference, the current Flash purchase site Zulily valuation has reached 1 billion U.S. dollars, It can be seen that the market is very impressive.

In any case, explore a group buying and large brand cooperation in the way, is conducive to group buying industry a new round of growth, the current glutinous rice network of large brands to buy cooperation began to enter the "broken Ice Age", this market once really open, for the traditional market will also cause a certain impact.

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