Suppliers desperate to find new platform for fierce price war

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Recently, the Beijing-east claimed three years 0 Maori let consumers, the first day of the price will be 70% of the goods involved in the prices war. As an e-commerce platform industry, the action caused a big stir.

Haier immediately to the price of Beijing and east of the behavior expressed dissatisfaction, that the Beijing-east prices of this war is undoubtedly in disrupting the stability of market prices, causing the supplier suffered significant losses. According to media reports, Haier August will stop cooperation with Beijing-east. However, as with Gome and Suning are unified procurement, it will continue to cooperate with the latter two.

Yesterday, the data showed that the two-tier market, Haier A-share shares fell, Qingdao Haier early low drive low to go, the lowest fell nearly 3%, so far, the decline narrowed, fell nearly 2%, and Haier electric early disc jump low open, the lowest in the plate 6%, up to now, fell nearly 6%. Suning Appliance stock price early fell more than 5%, afternoon blockbuster reversal, once trading.

In the face of the supplier's online and two-tier market losses, some suppliers will be interrupted and Beijing-east cooperation, and thus turn to other E-commerce platform, to solve these problems must have knowledge of the industry needs of professionals to participate in E-commerce platform operation, to the industry needs into E-commerce products and continue to meet user needs. Zhejiang Inter-World Science and Technology Co., Ltd. 's, the use of the traditional industry to cooperate with the operation of the common revenue of the new model, by the company's headquarters in charge of E-commerce platform technology implementation and operational support, franchisee is responsible for the provision of industry needs and industry resources , the use of the brand to form the overall impact of the common service in the industry's target users. This is the international trade network chain business model. No doubt the business platform of this model will rise in the price war and become a necessary place for many suppliers to find a new platform.

It is not difficult to imagine, in the economic downturn and increasingly competitive Internet industry background, SMEs face unprecedented pressure. We must find new Internet models to solve the difficulties, after each crisis, there will always be a number of innovative industries, I believe that in the near future, these innovative industries are bound to surface, the existing Internet will have a certain impact.

E-commerce platform is going through a cold winter, presumably the Beijing-east of this malicious price war is also helpless, in the decline in profits and consumers sharply reduced circumstances, how to ensure that the capital operation of the normal business, must be driven by sales to increase profits. At the same time, we also found that the face of the Beijing-East price war, the industry said that Jingdong playing Hide-and-seek, and no real meaning of the price, consumers did not get benefits.

Jing Dong This virtual price war, get bad is to the foot, perhaps self-defeating. On the one hand, the supplier of the same exit, the second is online sales consumers do not pay, performance has not been improved. In fact, in the face of economic downturn, not just online e-commerce price war, a lot of household appliances home products are also under the line of the big promotional activities, let the degree is no less than the price of Jingdong. Therefore, we must calmly treat the Jingdong price war, to seek new breakthroughs rather than the price war to obtain sales performance, so apart from disrupting the market price is not a little advantage.

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