Survey shows: A variety of global domain name registration information is not high

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Xinhua Beijing March 9 (reporter Zhou Wenlin) The Internet name and digital address distribution Agency (ICANN) released a recent survey shows,. COM,. NET,. ORG,. INFO,. Biz, such as the world's largest number of registered domain names registration information real-name rate is 23%.  Analysts pointed out that the domain name registration information is true and accurate in technology, management and other aspects of great significance, the global domain name registration information of the real names of the level needs to be improved. ICANN has recently released a draft report on the accuracy of domain name registration information. The report shows that. COM,. NET,. ORG,. INFO,.  Biz and other domain name registration information is more prominent, the domain name of the sample, registered information seriously false proportion to 8%, registration information is true for 23%. It is understood that the investigation of the standard is, at the same time meet the "registrant address is a valid mailing address, the name and address of the independent relevance of the respondents recognize the ownership of the domain name and confirm the accurate and effective information" and other 3 conditions, that is, the domain name registration information is true. By this standard,. COM,. NET,. ORG,. INFO,. Biz and other domain name registration information is 23% of the true ratio. However, if only a successful contact with the registrant is required and the ownership of the site is confirmed without requiring the current/accuracy of all details to correspond, then the standard records are 46%. It is noteworthy that 8% of the records are completely inconsistent with the standards, there are obvious errors.  Experts said that if all domain name registration information items are true, accurate and complete, then the proportion of qualified may be lower. In fact, the high proportion of false domain registration information has become a global "common problems." As early as 2005, research conducted by the United States General Audit Office showed that domain name registration information was "manifestly wrong" or "incomplete", with the top three generic top-level domain name,. ORG,. NET,.  COM's domain name registration is ubiquitous. The domain name holder to "the registration information is insufficient, the concern individual privacy leakage", is causes the domain name registration information real rate generally low the two main reasons. ICANN's survey shows that on the one hand, some domain name holders of the domain name registration information true and accurate, do not believe that the provision of false or untrue domain name registration information will have some undesirable consequences. In fact, under ICANN's policy, domain name registration information is not real and can be written off.  On the other hand, domain name registration information is closely related to personal identity information, and the domain name Holder believes that providing real identity information may result in personal privacy disclosure.  The ICANN survey also showed that because of the registration of domain names, the Registrar does not carry out the authenticity of all the identity information of the domain name applicant, which encourages the domain name applicant to provide false information or untrue information for registering the domain name. Relevant experts believe that the increase in Domain name registration information is the general trend of the real names, but because of national policies, laws, technology and user habits are different, the universal implementation of all countries need a longer process and many efforts.
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