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Wang Shifeng Although the external environment of the enterprise is still not fully warmed up, and a survey report by the consultant shows that the actual salary adjustment of the enterprise is far lower than expected, but enterprises to increase the internal recruitment measures may reduce the second half of the demand for fresh students.  The report, entitled "Impact of the global economic crisis on human resources management in China's enterprises", shows that the benefits have been adjusted more preferentially than pay. Domestic enterprises in the face of operating pressure, has been the adjustment of welfare costs in the first place to reduce costs, concentrated performance for public travel, off-site dispatch, group building activities were canceled.  Compared with last year's survey, 50% of companies surveyed in the second half of last year have adjusted fees for free travel, up to 62.5% in the first half of the year. However, the company's adjustment to pay costs is less than the welfare costs.  In 2008, 77.3% of the surveyed companies planned to adjust their pay, but only 64.3% of the surveyed companies made the decision in 2009 years. On the one hand, some companies believe that the adverse effects of the economic crisis have been reduced without the need to adjust compensation plans. On the other hand, there are some enterprises in the actual operation encountered resistance, so that pay adjustment plan stranded.  At the same time, there will be some enterprises that pay adjustment after the drawbacks will outweigh the cost savings, it is not really implemented.  Based on the findings of the survey, WO consultants found that the proportion of enterprises actually carrying out pay adjustments was smaller than that of the companies that had been adjusted, and the adjustment focused on the adjustment of the basic remuneration and bonuses.  The increase in internal recruitment in addition to pay and benefits, the economic crisis on the impact of corporate recruitment, more than half of the participating enterprises have said or are considering to stop or reduce recruitment, to control human costs, recruitment methods more to internal recommendation, internal training mainly to reduce media recruitment ads, social open recruitment and so on.  From October to next March, the new graduates will be the peak of the inauguration, and the change in the way the recruitment of enterprises will undoubtedly bring pressure on fresh employment. WO Consultant partner Zhangsun said fresh graduates this year about a further increase of 20%, but the operation of the human strategy of the enterprise or to the main operational, job supply is about to fall by 20%, so you can foresee that the second half of this year, or even the first half of next year, the employment situation of fresh graduates more severe than ever before,  Fresh students should be more rational to apply for jobs. In the case of experienced social job seekers, Zhangsun that the second half of the year's economic warming may be expected to make the job market a little better, but he does not think that the current is a good opportunity to choose jobs, job seekers should find their own positioning, strengthen the goal of job search.
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