Survey shows XB users ' favorite networking PS3 is used as a DVD player

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(Compiler/Mao) This generation of game consoles has gradually become the manufacturers want to see, become a "living room hub", with its users can enjoy from the game to streaming media to browse to the Internet to enjoy DVDs, Blu-ray movies of various functions.  The difference is that PS3 users spend more time using the multimedia features of the host, while Xbox360 users play games online more with their hosts. A recent Nielsen survey shows that Xbox360 users spend 62% of their host time on games, while stand-alone and networked games are almost half the time. PS3 users spend almost half their time on things other than games.  And in the game time, the time of the stand-alone game is longer than the networking game. Nielsen believes that the host's strategic positioning has more or less caused the current situation.  Microsoft's Xbox360 is built on its powerful Xbox Live network and a large number of multiplayer game content, while the Blu-ray drive-core PS3 is more focused on its own multimedia capabilities.  Nielsen's final survey data are as follows: Each host sees DVDs and Blu-ray discs as their second-most important feature-especially PS3,PS3 users use 27% of their boot time to see Blu-ray, except to play the game, as if to do it. At the same time, watching DVDs accounted for only 11% of Xbox360 boot time.  (Of course, Xbox360 does not have Blu-ray playback), it appears that PS3 in addition to a game host, but also played a DVD Blu-ray player role. One-fourth of users believe that downloading video and streaming services is the third most useful of their hosts.  Netflix, MLB receptacle, ESPN3 these online services, taking up about 20% of the Wii user's boot time, compared to Xbox360 and PS3, which were 10% and 9% respectively. Nielsen believes that, compared with the other two hosts, the Wii users spend a lot of time on a stand-alone offline game. Because the Wii's online game is less, and Netflix's online service for the Wii this year has largely increased the amount of time users use the Wii to access online content rather than online gaming. The Wii may be becoming a traditional stand-alone gaming platform.
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