Survival and opportunity of talent network under financial crisis

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The financial crisis caused by US subprime mortgages has had a big impact on the global economic system, although China is relatively stable, it can still make people feel that the crisis has affected their own aspects of life, the financial crisis on the foreign trade industry, the impact is obvious, the same network services has also been a big impact.

The most direct result of the impact is the substantial decline in corporate efficiency, white-collar unemployment, layoffs, migrant workers to return home, this time whenever I chat with friends, they will say: "Bridge, financial crisis for you is not a good thing, looking for more people, your XI ' an talent network is not a fire well!。。。 "Every time I hear it, I smile, they are laymen, and they explain also useless, I believe all the webmaster friends know that, although the need for work, the Internet to find a job more people, but this is only a unilateral fire ah, the enterprise side is gradually cooling, enterprises are not hiring, It is useless for job seekers to send more resumes and materials every day.

I am a talent net, I am not as long as the site has traffic on the line, I sincerely hope that the job seekers to our site in the shortest possible time to find suitable for their work, I would like to make their own word-of-mouth and brand, so that enterprises and individuals more humane, see these situations, I am also very anxious ah, I go to the company to talk about, Many companies say that they are only looking for one or two people, not worth the money to do the site's members, I think, the site has been put into so many, all of a sudden also do not care about these customers, when it is more investment, I and those enterprises said, you register, I can open to you for free VIP members, and never in disguise to charge, That's what they add.

I have been thinking recently, the talent network to do so much, Xi ' an local there are so many, how can we find a breakthrough? How can we find a new way of thinking? or not figured out, I hope you have any good ideas and suggestions can exchange, I QQ1056178955

My current personal idea is that the financial crisis is a great storm of gold. In this great storm to survive the affirmation is very strong, certainly rich vitality, I do not want to be eliminated, I will strive to maintain the popularity of the site, even if a penny does not earn, but also to let the site alive, waiting for economic recovery, we will be real fire up!

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