Suzhou Local tax to promote network invoicing and online purchase invoices

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Suzhou Tax Bureau actively implement the invoice reform, has implemented a network billing, online purchase invoices, self-help taxes and other innovative measures, invoice management business has been networked.

May 2009, as the first pilot unit of 1157.html ">" Online Invoicing in Jiangsu Province, Suzhou Local tax relied on the application basis of online declaration and CA digital authentication, and began to trial the online invoicing of ordinary invoices. Low-cost, easy to operate the open form of the rapid access to the taxpayer widely recognized, the user from the initial stage of the 10 rapid development to today's more than 28,000 households, 70% invoice users will be the net invoice invoicing as the preferred way. Up to now, the city accumulated nearly 30 million invoices, the invoiced amount has reached 1.47 trillion yuan.

The net purchase invoice is the Suzhou local tax to introduce the net to buy the idea, further facilitates the taxpayer again to do taxes the measure. This convenient "" > Online shopping "will tax services, Internet technology and modern logistics highly integrated, using the Internet tax platform, In the guarantee of invoice security and invoice cost of real time deduction, through the "Seller package Mail" form, realize "a little mouse, invoices home." The taxpayer only needs to submit the purchase ticket application through the network, can realize the invoice in the net the old exchange and the invoice cost of the automatic deduction, then the tax authority entrusts the professional courier in one day to be free to serve the taxpayer. Since September 2011, the introduction of this service, Suzhou government tax has received more than 90,000 household net purchase applications, the sale of invoices 1300余万份, the use of the network to purchase invoices from the invoicing taxpayers have reached more than 80%. The Suzhou government tax calculates such a sum: according to each month each household buys the ticket to calculate, in this year period can for the taxpayer to save the duty time 300,000 hours, saves the transportation expense more than 4 million yuan.

In addition, the Suzhou government tax in part of the large number of business, taxpayers concentrated in the area of the layout of 18 self-service duty Teller machine, can be issued under 2000 yuan small invoices, for the taxpayer to provide all-weather tax services, effectively expand the taxpayer's tax space and time.

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