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Since the full function of China access to the Internet, in just 20 years, the Internet in China has formed a trend of sweeping development, surging unstoppable. In recent years, with the new generation of mobile communication technology business, the increasing popularity of smart phones, set off another round of mobile internet development trend. In the "2014 China Audiovisual Media Development Forum", "Wireless Suzhou" won the "2014 radio and Television Media integration development Innovation List-the most innovative value mobile integrated operating Platform" award, known as mobile internet environment, China's radio and television media integration development model.

According to the China Internet Information Center Cnnic released the 35th China Internet Development Statistics report shows that as of December 2014, China's Internet users up to 649 million, the size of our mobile phone users up to 557 million. Mobile phone as the first major Internet terminals are increasingly strong, far-reaching impact. In life, just a smartphone, people can get the latest information, pictures, text, video, audio, and so on, whenever can be enumerated, no one could not be presented. Brush Micro bo, send micro-letter, mobile phone mobile terminals to close the distance between you and me; The Internet ecology is abundant, new application is endless, billions of users consume trillions. The internet, especially the mobile Internet, is a powerful influence and infiltration force to promote the development of society, change people's lifestyles, but also in the emergence of media patterns, the pattern of profound changes.

The instant, random, interactive characteristics, as well as massive capacity, global coverage, an endless range of applications, so that people are favored by the addition of traditional media, whether it is the mode of communication or service functions, are stretched, embarrassment, even in the traditional media has a strong status of the television media, In recent years, the audience's aging, power-on rate and the declining ratings of these embarrassing increasingly appear. Facing the change of media ecology which the new media develops, how to deal with the challenge and to break the regeneration of traditional media has become a popular topic and the urgent task of the media industry.

As the Chinese city radio and television benchmark of the Suzhou Radio and TV station, in recent years, "to strengthen the major media industry", "vigorously develop the cultural industry", resolutely will "accelerate the construction of new media industries" to "Twelve-Five" career development of the three major development strategy status, in the positive development of the largest portal in Suzhou- City of Suzhou Network, joined the development of CUTV (urban United Network TV) Suzhou platform at the same time, active integration, positive innovation, embrace the mobile internet, starting from 2011 The layout of mobile internet platform, invested heavily in the creation of "Wireless Suzhou" mobile phone clients, in order to further promote the integration of traditional media and new Reconstruct the advantages of Suzhou radio and television development.

Suzhou Radio and television mode embracing mobile internet

December 2011, based on iOS, Android platform of the full media software system, Suzhou Radio and television station to create the first local mobile phone client in Suzhou-"wireless Suzhou." Using mobile Internet, IoT, cloud computing and other information technology means, the establishment of extensive coverage and deep interconnection of the Urban Information Network, the realization of radio and television programs global synchronous live, news information rapid dissemination, public information timely query and other functions, the construction of 4 categories, 20 major functional product structure: news information, Live, explosive material), public information (bus, subway, road conditions, illegal inquiries, smart electricity, smart water), life services (passenger ticketing, film, weather, TV shopping, pioneer Stacks) and interactive social class (game Center, Weibo Circle, Cold Mountain Zhong). From the civil life, public services, cultural industries and other dimensions, to provide users at any time, at will, the heart, on-demand services. As of November 2014, "Wireless Suzhou" Download user volume has reached 1.6 million, daily average visits 24 million times, the monthly flow of up to 52T, as the Chinese city wireless internet communication platform and the benchmark model of China's new media 30 strong.

With distinctive characteristics, unique operating mode and strong independent research and development capabilities, new media technology, "wireless Suzhou" turned out, in the radio and television media dissemination mode, content production flow, management mechanism has produced far-reaching impact. With the unique characteristics and advantages of mobile Internet, Suzhou Radio and Television is actively exploring new communication patterns and modes.

Compared with the new media, the traditional TV media has the limitation of time and space, especially the linear mode of TV transmission, and the demand and habit of the mass-generated mobile internet to obtain information anytime and anywhere. Aside from the animations of the content of TV programs, the limitation of this communication may be the main reason for the loss of viewers. and mobile internet platform at any time to get the characteristics of information, just can "repair" TV this "short board." "Wireless Suzhou" mobile phone client integrated all the TV programs in Suzhou, not only to support online synchronous live, you can turn back on demand. Powerful data support, can let the user inquires the television program of the period, constructs the content information randomly to trigger the network dissemination, causes the television program to extend from the fixed family living room television terminal to the innumerable intelligent handset terminal, has greatly expanded the Suzhou television program dissemination channel, causes the massive handset user to become the television audience again, Enhance the influence of Suzhou radio and television programs and communication power. At present, "Wireless Suzhou" users have been all over the world nearly hundreds of countries and regions.
Influence. Traditional television media is mainly "opposite the point" of one-way transmission, it is difficult to take into account the audience watching the program's ideas and needs. And the new media "point to point" of the unique mode of communication, so that information communicators and recipients have no "barriers", can be unimpeded interaction and communication. In the "Wireless Suzhou" mobile platform, whether it is the entire program or segmented video, all the content has a comment, sharing port, for the general public to provide enough opportunities and platform for expression, enhance the interactive effect of video content.

In addition, "The Wireless Suzhou" also for the Suzhou Radio and television main station numerous channels, the frequency program provides the topic investigation discussion, the popular vote collection, the user news commentary, the activity collection registration and so on interactive service support, collects the survey data and the comment content, the understanding audience's demand and the idea, satisfies the populace to participate the Make radio and television programs closer to the audience.

In the new media era, users are no longer limited to the traditional message recipients, they also have another identity-"from the media reporter." June 2012, Suzhou Radio and television based on the "wireless Suzhou" client, the construction of a full media news blasting platform. This is a media platform, mobile phone users can "side of the shooting live" "side of the film upload", in addition to text, pictures, but also upload video and audio. In order to enhance the user experience, reduce the flow of mobile phone generated when the explosion, "wireless Suzhou" technology team independently developed a set of video, image compression technology. Through the background role, authority distribution, Suzhou Radio and television under the media platform can be in the background, to the end. Since the platform was opened, the information of blasting materials reached about 200 daily.

Because of "wireless Suzhou" has a huge user base, so the city within the city's major emergencies, are often users in the first time to explode materials, Suzhou radio and television media to know the material, the rapid launch of the interview action, the first time to report on the incident, grabbed the opportunity. Explosion material platform greatly enriched the source channels of radio and television media, while in Suzhou radio and television and the public to establish a bridge between interaction and communication, some users reflect the problem through the media intervention to properly resolve, and further enhance the media's social credibility and influence.

The effect of TV media interaction is not good, this is a congenital defect. With the development of technology, mobile platform effectively solves this "stubborn disease". Combined with the demand of TV programs, "Wireless Suzhou" has developed a new media interactive platform, such as "TV Rocking and Rocking" and "micro-letter interaction". In the process of watching TV, users can participate in real time. May 2013, the Suzhou Radio and television life Information channel "People's Livelihood online", every day in a fixed period of time by scanning the TV screen two-dimensional code, it can be landed mobile phone clients, participate in the award-winning answer. November 2014, Suzhou News integrated channel, social and economic channel launched the "Watch TV, wave gold coins" activities, 3 days a total of more than 12,000 people through the "Rocking music" application platform to participate in interaction, active rate of up to 90%, attracted some users and young people to the television media reflux. The combination of Suzhou TV screen and mobile phone screen creates a new concept of social television.

In order to adapt to the mobile Internet information features and personalized reading needs of users, "wireless Suzhou" pay particular attention to the content of the entertainment and interactive, and constantly original personalized column fusion original, to create a "heard" "Too embarrassed" "News 30 Spray" "along the way" and many other types of original program. Through the integration of a large number of news, micro-trust and micro-Bo platform information, for the majority of users with a more readable, interactive, point of view of the unique content.

2013, "Wireless Suzhou" first attempt to work with the Suzhou Radio and television 965 live broadcast cooperation, with the help of Crosstalk broadcast mode, innovative original program presentation mode, received unexpected results, the user unanimously given praise. Inspired by this, "wireless Suzhou" also with CUTV (City Union network Television) Suzhou platform together to create a "news 30 spray" "Truth words" and other video programs. Break through the shackles of traditional thinking, through the cooperation between media platform, fully excavate their own advantages of the platform, expand the brand program in the middle of the social visibility, fundamentally changed the original content production mode, radio and television audiences and mobile product users in the interaction between the transformation.
Integrating social resources to highlight the characteristics of service-oriented media

Regional radio and television media in the fierce competition in the media to reflect the differentiated characteristics of the outstanding, in the pursuit of news information localization on the basis of, but also in the proximity of the service. However, the traditional broadcast and TV media are often not very satisfied with the service effect because of the limitation of the service resources, the ambiguity of the audience's demand and the inconvenience of information conversion. and the mobile Internet outstanding service and application function, can highlight the broadcasting service type media characteristics.

Suzhou Radio and television in the layout of mobile Internet platform at the beginning, the same face the client product positioning and architecture issues. If only the content of radio and television programs to mobile phone terminals, then "wireless Suzhou" may not win the hearts of millions of users. After all, the news platform can only meet people's reading needs, users need much more than that. Suzhou radio and television through a large number of market research found that the development of personalized life services is mobile applications rely on the survival of the "magic Weapon", but also the user's sense of ownership and loyalty to the platform directly reflect. Based on this understanding, Suzhou radio and television in accordance with their strong local media influence and credibility, adapt to Suzhou "smart city" to accelerate the pace of development, in a short period of time, the integration of the Suzhou traffic Police, public transport, passenger transport, power and other departments of urban information resources, "wireless Suzhou" in the integration of radio and television media resources, based on From the user's needs, the introduction of "illegal search" "Real-time Bus" "dozen" "car tickets" and other applications close to the people's lives, by the user's highly recognized. 2013 "Illegal inquiry" application on the line, the first in the country to achieve a violation of the picture query function, online one week to download the amount of breakthrough 30,000. At present, the "Car Ticket" "movie ticket" has been realized online purchase payment. "Wireless Suzhou" a strong personal User center, so that mobile phone users on their own consumption situation at a glance.

Next, "Wireless Suzhou" will further rely on Suzhou radio and television strong media influence and market appeal, the use of mobile client outstanding application functions, further integration of market resources, around the user's daily necessities and so on, and vigorously develop urban characteristics O2O mobile e-commerce business. At the same time to meet the convenience of user life, so that "wireless Suzhou" client into a tool-type, application-oriented, commercial-type platform, to become a good helper of daily life for the people, to explore the new commercial model of radio and television.

To build China's urban information cloud platform by leveraging capital integration

In recent years, the rapid development of mobile Internet has provided a good opportunity for urban traditional media, how to speed up the integration of traditional media and new media, and to build the mainstream new media is not only the responsibility and mission of the history-endowed media. On the one hand, Suzhou Radio and television actively explore the system, mechanism reform, the Suzhou century flying over the Network Information Co., Ltd. to carry out joint-stock transformation, the construction of internal dynamic mechanism to attract foreign investors. At present, with a number of domestic capital operating agencies to negotiate to solve the financial problems of follow-up development. On the other hand, some local companies with good products, team "small and beautiful" company incubation, to achieve mergers and acquisitions, enrich the "wireless Suzhou" Platform product line. At the same time, together with the national urban media, through the "Wireless Suzhou" technology, product and management experience output, to achieve regional media integration, for the country's major urban media and regional media partners, build a technology platform to achieve data sharing, user sharing, pattern sharing, resource sharing. At present, "Wireless Suzhou" has been with Harbin, Changchun, Daqing, Shijiazhuang, Lanzhou, Hefei, Yangquan, Nantong, Huzhou, Loudi, Meizhou and other land signed cooperation agreement, and Shandong, Hubei, Anhui and other provinces signed, and Guizhou Radio and Television Group agreed to jointly set up Guizhou City Data AG. In addition, and the Xinhua News agency Jiangsu Branch signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Through cooperation with the national regional media to accelerate the pace of integration of regional media, and strive to the end of 2017, the cooperation city reached more than 50, the user size reached 10 million.

At present, Suzhou Radio and Television new media is planning to build a comprehensive function of news information, life application, commercial operation, entertainment interaction and other integrated functions in China's urban information application cloud platform. Suzhou Radio and television in accordance with the development of the Internet law, market operation Law, to promote the new media reform and construction pace, open the financing channels, attract external capital to enter, do excellent product platform, enlarge the user scale, with an open mind, unite all the strength of the United, with the media colleagues all over the Together to build China's urban information application cloud platform.

(Author unit Suzhou radio and television main station New Media Center)

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