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With the rapid development of Internet technology, many new industries hope to use this platform to realize their own business expansion. Think about it, whether it is the flow costs, or the depth of user growth, internet platforms and mobile platforms have certain advantages, so new industries to use this basis can be faster to achieve the reverse attack.

In fact, more than new industries, traditional industries have long wanted to play the internet idea. Of course, this is the main representative of the Suningyun business.

Like the electric dealer's friend certainly all knew recently the cloud merchant has made a big deal, that is to spend nearly 400 million dollars to become the video industry PPLive's biggest shareholder. Just when I saw the news, I am still a little puzzled, because as the main power of the electric business camp, Suningyun business has been in the layout of their own electrical business system, red Child, cloud business, since the construction of logistics and line on the same price, Su Ning has been the main power of the network platform for the development of electricity. But now the acquisition of video products, into the network content platform, Su Ning again in what idea? Are you learning Ali's product chain?

For this acquisition, many people in the industry are not optimistic. And their reason is very simple, as a traditional operator of electric business, Suning's corporate culture, channels and the proportion of the line is very large, and for the loss has appeared and online user experience passable Su Ning, now need to do is to tamp the core business. There are some friends that Su Ning lost his own direction in the farce, perhaps the current funds are very well-off, but there is no precise development positioning, Suning's future is debatable.

However, in the author's eyes, Su Ning's series of reforms is precisely to prepare for the future, to know that an enterprise only to pursue immediate interests at all can not have a future. Rebate website Long think Ali do rookie logistics, do social power business, Tencent do micro-letter, which is not in the stage of burning money. But we still put in, this means that the appropriate growth process is a system to mature. From this point of view Suning's layout obviously has Ali meaning.

To know Ali's attention to the living room strategy, from TV boxes to social products Sina, to the upcoming Sina video, Ali wants to transfer content from the Internet platform directly to the offline. and get a certain profit from it, so it seems that Suning acquisition PPLive is based on this, and the online with the traditional Internet brand resources, spell user experience these not good projects, rather than turn to more practical offline brand influence, avoid its sharpness, for capital is a kind of economy. And from now on, Suning's advantage is still there.

1 line of physical store advantage can let Suning's living room strategy more thoroughly, in addition to channels and self-built logistics can be removed from suning in the platform inclusive disadvantage.

2 PPLive has its own user base for Suning is also a help and promotion. From video to electricity quotient, pplive can link a demand supply system, let more important flow to introduce Suning's target product.

3 Although the combination of electronic business and Internet video is very difficult, but a fact is that Suning is pplive behind the player, not the web video, Suning can gradually weaken the other side of the copyright and the pain of transformation, coupled with the pplive of the current positioning has not been clear, Su Ning's plasticity in fact very strong.

4 The important basis of evaluating whether a transaction is beneficial to the market or the product is to see the passive influence of the opponent. From the current look, in PPLive was bought by Suning, Ali currently in the video industry can be involved in the product has been basically no. This is a good blow to Ali's living room strategy, in addition, in Suning's channel and resources Protection, PPLive's copyright and tool direction can enjoy the development, once the formation of Su Ning's help is huge.

So it seems that the acquisition of Su Ning's promotional factors or some. But for the lack of Internet experience, Suning, take over a pure Internet tools for their own challenges can not be completely ignored, once the operation is poor, the possibility of the loss of capital and the market is not not.

First, can not let pplive in the copyright content excessive struggle, to its development to help hold more to the living room strategy and deposition users.

Second, let PPLive find a new running-in point in the process of playing tool and video content growth.

Third, beach financial market, registered in the South bank domain name, brewing the preparation of private banks, into the internet finance, but also with operators to sign a mobile resale agreement, for the first batch of virtual operator licenses, Suning's internet process can be said radical, for this situation, suning must master the development of measurement and resource priority. Do not waste pplive own good video brand image.

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