"Sword Rain Ol" March 24 opened the beta set up a gang hatred relationship

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(Comprehensive/ram) and John Woo film the same name of the martial arts Games "sword rain Ol" recently confirmed will open on March 24 for the first time.  The game from the beginning of the campaign to play a movie online card, the beta will arrive, players finally have the opportunity to experience what is the movie online. >>> point this Amoy "sword rain Ol" Inside the activation code known as movie online games, the game nature and Wu director of the film close contact, such as just stepped into the arena of the players will be with the film appeared in the role of the Tibetan martial arts cheats, "the body" to pursue.  Game story background like a movie, players will play a unique role in it, and according to their preferences to choose the right door pie. Gangs are an essential part of a game, in which gangs are numerous, joining gangs not only to set up like-minded friends, but also to acquire exclusive gang skills. Of course, the battle between the gangs must be, "sword rain Ol" also joined the relationship between the hatred, so that players can at any time to capture their own "enemies" of the dynamic.
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