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From spring to winter, a swing of the party building work network has gone through nearly a year's journey. Review this in the adjustment of development, in the development of the forward, although also has the ups and downs, but look at the site day by day growth and their own day of progress, more determined that I do a good job on the site's confidence. Oneself in A5 learned a lot of things, here, also write down and the drip sentiment, and we share.

Site first from my own work, I was engaged in Enterprise party building work, daily and words, but also has up to five years to do the station history, but are nothing, at a loss to the extreme. Because the end of 08 to write all kinds of summary, planning, all day wandering around the internet to find information, to promote the birth of my founder of a corporate political staff, enterprise political workers, service enterprises and political workers of the website. As a brand new site, in order not to repeat the previous road, I almost every day on the A5, sharing the experience of others.

As a fan of the site, in order to stand out in tens of thousands of sites, after subdivision, I combine their own work practice and ideas, the site positioning in the Enterprise Party building work personnel, the website slogan is: For enterprise Party building work, service grass-roots political cadres. Then is the choice of Web sites, domain names, templates, the site gradually set sail!

Over the past year, I assiduously dedicated forward, the site from the initial "0" access to the current daily traffic close to 100, the forum registered number of 200! number is the cohesion of our sweat, drip records of our growth. Of course, and a lot of friends of the site compared to these figures are insignificant, but these visitors are all valid visitors, an IP behind is the same work with the author of the state-owned enterprises political cadres!

I know, in the increasingly developed science and technology today, a collection overnight can be made than the party building political network more "rich" site-but I did not do, our website content is an artificial increase up, and many are still my own or the original works of our netizens! This seems to attract Baidu and other search engine reasons , the website PR quickly climbed to 4, Baidu included two times a day!

I also know that website construction should be profitable for the ultimate purpose. In order to find a profit point, I took great pains. The beginning of the use of Fan Web site package annual subscription system, but the practice does not work, the site data is too small, the service face is too narrow, there is no customer. Later is A5 gave me brainwave, since A5 can make such a big trading platform, why can't I make a single article trading platform?

So think of the idea suddenly enlightened! Separate the website from the forum, the website becomes the Exchange platform, the article does not limit the series, all free open reading. The forum becomes the trading platform, all is the charge article, the price ranges from 5 cents to 5 yuan, one article transaction, no longer collects the package year and the monthly expense.

The development of the site has been a lot of people's concern, some publishers to contact me, in the online party building books consignment, and then opened the online mall, both enrich the content of the site, but also expand the profit point.

In the down-to-earth and tireless forward time, in the site by the attention of friends at the same time, the claws of hackers also quietly stretched. Site has been attacked four times, and even the whole station hanging horse. Every time for me is a thrilling "rescue", here also remind the general webmaster, must do a good job of the site backup!

I always believe that help people help themselves, see more people from the party building work network to get help for their writing increased help, which makes me very happy and happy. Perhaps it is my focus on the content, so that the site does not do any optimization of the situation, still has a good effect. I also know that the site was issued when some need to improve, but, I will continue to work hard to do better!

This is my little superficial experience, the party building work Network (www.78530.com) is willing and everybody together progress, common development!

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