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In the just past 2012, the rapid development of the domestic Internet, the various fields of change; this year, E-commerce continued to deepen, the national mad Rob and "small and beautiful" coexist; this year, the mobile interconnection innovation, voice applications and map applications began to combine; this year is the beginning of O2O, This year the domestic network marketing has undergone tremendous changes.

Before O2O, traditional forms of electronic commerce were carried out through independent websites or platform stores. Figure I is the electric Dealer longitudinal trade flow chart. We can know that the increase of the turnover of the electric quotient is divided into two factors of the visitor base and conversion rate, among which the focus of the outside marketing area is to increase the visitor base, while the function of the marketing area in the station is to improve the overall conversion rate.


If the vertical process is focused on the internal optimization of the site shop, then the horizontal electrical business process is completely through the external marketing approach to solve. As the following illustration shows, external marketing can only include branding, product/corporate advocacy, and external information response mechanisms.


The network marketing model of traditional electric dealer is complicated and has not ensured the integration of vertical and horizontal marketing. And the emergence of O2O, gradually merged, increased the antecedents of users, improve the customer service system, improve customer loyalty, enhance the brand. On the other hand, the rise of mobile interconnection and the comeback of two-dimensional codes provide the necessary conditions for the development of O2O.

Of course, in the actual operation process, there will be some detailed measures. Here, we use eight degree network as a case, can clearly see the context of its network marketing. And we talked about slightly different, the eight-degree network marketing model to be more complex, the main experience in the site, in addition to eight degrees outside the main station, sub-brand site and tool-type site also into eight degrees of vertical and horizontal electrical business process.


To sum up, we can understand that through the O2O, the traditional vertical and horizontal marketing model will be more integrated, the links between the various plates are increasingly close. Network marketing process can better improve marketing efficiency, even to achieve the synchronization of the visitor base and conversion rate, and to establish a more reasonable external information emergency response mechanism for the site to establish a perfect brand image, the formation of marketing and brand effect between the benign ecological circle.

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