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Free Antivirus is becoming the mainstream of individual user market. But Symantec believes the ultimate victim of this free approach is the user.

This year's IT industry's vigorous QQ War 360, once stirred the entire instant messaging and anti-virus software market.

followed by the traditional anti-virus software manufacturers for personal users have erected a free banner, Kaspersky, Jinshan poison PA, can be cow antivirus, rising antivirus, aviraantivir, AVG Antivirus has been launched in full free or six months, free of a year's concessions.

Previously, in the area of desktop security, the proportion of paid users was close to 40%. 360 of the appearance, so that free anti-virus large line of its way, and became the user's habit.

360 is relying on a permanent free strategy, quickly netting hundreds of millions of users, to January this year its market share has climbed to 33.76%, become China's largest installed anti-virus software.

According to a survey published by the China Internet Network Information Center, 58.6% of netizens are willing to use free anti-virus software, and 35.6% of users who charge anti-virus software explicitly say that they will not renew their fees when they expire.

"Free anti-virus is becoming the mainstream of individual user market." "In recent months, many analysis reports have been analyzed.

"For us personally, free is a way to wash away the old thinking business experience; for companies in the Internet world, free is more of a survival rule, a power machine that can change the old pattern of development and reinvent itself." Anderson, editor-in-chief of Wired magazine, has made clear the free trend of the Internet in his 2009 bestselling book Free: The Future of business.

Provide free, if not find a clear business model, will be difficult to break the profit dilemma, insist on fees, means that the market share is shrinking-the traditional anti-virus software companies rely on selling licenses to make money in an unprecedented crisis.

Despite the trend, Symantec, the global information security giant, still insists on charging principles. Symantec's President and CEO Enrique Selen that the free anti-virus software function is limited, a penny price, effective response to targeted attacks is the most important thing in the field of information security at this stage.

A penny at a price

"China's economy and information": The previous 3Q war has come to an end, anti-virus software free wind more and more sheng, how do you think of free anti-virus?

Enrique Selen: A penny for the price. Free anti-virus software function is limited, free is not safe for people who do not know an unfair way, anti-virus software is not to prevent the virus, but to different users to guard against.

Information security is a serious problem, need to protect not only the computer, but the key information, so the quality of information safety protection must be guaranteed. Effective response to targeted attacks is the most important thing in the field of information security at this stage.

There were only hundreds of computer attacks in the 90 's, and now there are 3 million different types of attacks each year, and there is always someone in the industry who is spreading the idea that free security software is sufficient, and that is far from the case. The ultimate victim of this free approach is the user.

"China's economy and information": Today information security and related industries are undergoing major changes in the future to enhance information security what is the key?

Enrique Selen: Five major elements are becoming the key to improve information security in the future.

One is identity security. In the future, people can easily and securely access information from anywhere to achieve seamless transformation of work and life.

Second, equipment safety. It is not enough to set up firewalls for your network, but instead information and devices must be protected. In the future, reputation based security is the right way to protect important endpoints. Currently, including Symantec, companies in many industries around the world are working in this direction.

Third, information protection. In the future, encryption technology, data loss Protection (DLP), and identity assurance will implement information-centric security protection, integrating all security controls to ensure that information access is authorized.

Four is the situation and relevance. Provide the right information to the right person at the right time. All large enterprises today are plagued by unstructured data, and future enterprises must build an IT architecture that understands the context (who requests access to information) and the relevance (which information meets the needs of that user).

Five is the realization of the cloud. This architecture will provide higher computing power, more applications, and more storage, depending on the needs of the enterprise. This is even the largest and most invested traditional network in the present.

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