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According to http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/10091.html "> Southern Metropolis Daily News, a netizen found that in Yunnan Zhaotong Yongkang hosted Zhaotong law and Politics online, A story about Zhaotong Weixin County Public Security organs to help the owner to recover stolen motorcycles, the owner of the banner to give thanks to the news, with the map has obvious PS traces. Netizens have exclaimed, "too shocking."

On the Zhaotong law and Politics online, the label entitled "The Old City police station in time to recover stolen motorcycle owner table grateful gift Banner" news release time for October 29, from the figure can be clearly seen, the gift of the men and women of the pennant and the back of the 3 per capita have significant PS traces. Yesterday, the reporter inquires the original image of this picture. Source for the Zhaotong Public Security Network, sponsored by the Zhaotong Public Security Bureau. News content shows that the picture of the men and women who sent the pennant to live in the Weixin County Old Town Romingzhi couple, in the map, only the Romingzhi couple and the police three people, Romingzhi couple's head natural normal.

The catch is that not only is the picture changed, but the timing of the event has also been changed. According to Zhaotong Law and politics online news, the villagers Romingzhi couple on October 25, 2012 22 o'clock, found that its value of more than 4,000 yuan motorcycle stolen, Weixin County Old City police station immediately after the police to launch action, in the day 23 o'clock arrested the theft of motorcycle suspects, for Romingzhi couples recovered motorcycles. October 115.html ">26 Day 10 o'clock, the Romingzhi to express their gratitude to the old City police station presented a" law enforcement for the People "banner.

However, according to Zhaotong Public Security Network prior to the release of news content, Romingzhi couple is actually on the August 14, 2012 night Alarm, said its motorcycle was stolen.

Zhaotong Law and Politics network shows that the above-mentioned news author Tao Yuxing, Department of the Old City police station director. Tao Yuxing to reporters, for the Romingzhi to send a pennant, "Is this thing", but not clear about the online photos of law and politics.

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