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No one objected, the result of the vote 68:0 through the ECFA "Caixin Network" (intern reporter Yang Yuanhui) on the evening of August 17, the Taiwan legislature in the second session of the provisional meeting passed the "Framework Agreement on Economic Cooperation between the Straits" (ECFA) case.  In accordance with the consensus between the two sides, the parties pushed a certain number of people, to the agreement text 16 articles of article to discuss. This is the first time the Taiwan legislature has passed the cross-strait agreement. After a day of fighting, both sides of the blue and green have their own opinions. The final vote from 9 o'clock on the evening of 17th, the DPP caucus for the name of ECFA, the preamble, as well as 16 articles, a total of 18 amendments to the motion, and a vote. At last, the two sides voted on the whole case of ECFA and IPR protection cooperation Agreement.  However, the DPP group considered that this should be counted as "vote-by-article", while the Kuomintang group said it was a "vote on the whole case". In the process, the ECFA text and the IPR protection cooperation agreement altogether 19 votes, the DPP all cannot obtain the superiority.  At the end of the whole vote, the DPP "legislators" gathered at the podium to protest, resulting in the voting status, the final vote of 68:0, the whole case in the case of no objection. The confrontation between the two sides, the DPP alleged that the mainland state-owned enterprises foreign investment has its own political plan, if not restricted, will endanger the security of Taiwan, the future land capital may be in the name of investment, hollowed out Taiwan's key technology, master the personal information of Taiwanese people, affect security.  The Kuomintang, however, retorted that all these proposals are now aimed at making up for the DPP's Shang policy of eight years in power. This vote, according to the Taiwan "Ministry of Economy" estimates, ECFA in early September should be able to complete the exchange of letters, ECFA will be written to the other side of the prophet, when the two sides received the notice of each other immediately after the entry into force, will open cross-strait financial exchanges, cross-strait "economic cooperation" and other The following 4 other agreements will be followed on the basis of ECFA. Among them, there will be 5824 items in the trade of goods to be immediately reduced tax, the annual tax reduction, and the exception does not reduce taxes to negotiate.  Taiwan authorities estimate that the ECFA benefits include: GDP can be increased by about 11 billion yuan (growth 0.4%), the output value can increase 38 billion yuan, also create 60,000 employment population, can save the tariff 5.9 billion yuan. Taiwan's legislature 18th will deal with Customs import duties Amendment, this is the last supporting the ECFA bill, because the content is too numerous, the Kuomintang, DPP and the party Unity alliance will according to 3:3:1 ratio, chapter by section registration, and is expected to vote at 6 o ' night.
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