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The 3 microblogging mission was officially over at 5 last week, as it did with the 1 and 2 microblogging missions. Respectively 10 groups, group to do Tencent Weibo, 2,4,6,8,10 do Sina Weibo. The task time is 3 weeks, the first 2 weeks to do the number of fans, the last 1 weeks to do quality broadcast. Task rules: Must be a new registered microblog, prohibit the use of money to buy fans to complete the task, only the free way to operate.

The purpose of the training for students to understand the Micro Bo This is an essential marketing channel, and can actually operate a micro-blog, to make a certain effect. For the students to do micro-blog operations to promote the relevant work and lay a solid foundation.

1: Sina Group, Tencent Group performance gap of the previous largest

Look at the previous microblogging task, is often Sina group results than Tencent group overall slightly better, but the gap is not too big. And this 3-stage microblog task, Sina Group and Tencent Group's final achievement gap is very big. At the end of the fan task, Sina group 1W fans above the task of microblogging 11, of which the highest up to 2W many fans. Tencent Group's task of microblogging the highest number of listeners more than 4,000. Why this causes, not that Tencent group of students than the Sina group, but Tencent Group of students task environment a lot of hardship.

As shown in: Sina Group and Tencent Group fan task TOP20 student list


2: Facing the difficulties of Tencent Weibo, is to choose fear, or as a stepping stone of progress

This session of Tencent Weibo task, is the most difficult. Because the use of the previous 1, 2 period to increase the audience's approach, basically unworkable. Many students, because they have heard each other too quickly, touch on the punishment mechanism of Tencent Weibo, such as today's audience rose to 300, the 2nd morning down to 30. Most of the students in the Sina group broke through 2000, and the students in the Tencent group were still hovering around 300-500 because of the problem.

Because no matter how hard it is, the end audience will fall for no reason. So that some of the students do Tencent Weibo lost confidence that no matter how hard it is useless. But some students try hard to break through. Slowly also have the audience to do more than 1000, but want to do higher but difficult, there are students to do 1500, suddenly the audience into 2-digit tragedy.

But this time, I also always encourage students, this is a good opportunity to learn to improve themselves, if in such a difficult environment, can not rely on any resources and money in the context of effective rapid increase in the audience, is compared to the students in the period of greater progress and harvest. Finally, the 7 group of trainees Feng, finally practiced a new method, and in the last 4 days, from 0 to achieve more than 4,000 listeners, and the quality of the audience is very high, and will not be lost for no reason.

Back Feng also put their own methods, shared to the 7 group of all team members, so that the entire group of students to improve the audience, thus proving that Feng's method is true and effective, is not a case. Concrete is what kind of method, not in this blog disclosed, we can go to 28 push 3 period public welfare training plate, see Feng classmate share. is the real dry goods, I very appreciate Feng students so can be brave to practice, dare to innovate ideas, do network promotion must have such a spirit. The so-called chaotic heroes, in all very good to do in the environment, but can not show and others different talents, only in the most difficult environment can do well, that is more able to show a person's ability to truly call excellent.

3: Rational use of resources and network, micro-blogging tools, so that the Sina group to achieve the best results

Although Weibo is just 2 years long, many rules have been changing. For example, when a microblogging mission, students quickly increase their fans, mainly rely on a large number of mutual powder, and at that time "attention" "cancellation" is not limited. Many students, as long as they have strong executive power, the final result will not be too bad. In the 2 training period, the "attention" and "cancellation" has a daily limit, which will test the skills of students and the efficiency of mutual powder, such as better use of micro-group.

The 3rd issue of micro-blogging task, Sina Group students not only to continue to do the previous method, and have more channels. The use of micro-blogging tools to increase the number of fans is the most important link. This time Sina's score of 1W fans above 11, of which 10 people, mainly rely on the current popular some micro-Boga powder tools to achieve this effect. But the relative quality of the fans gained is also poor. But it does not violate the 28 Twitter task rules, as long as the fans are not paid to buy, any other channel to increase the number of fans are effective.

Sina Group's first "Wu Toshiba", but also in 14 days time to achieve 26,886 fans, than the previous Sina group's first performance is one times higher, and the quality of fans is very high. Later learned that the student because there are some micro-broad network, with the help of friends, so that their task Weibo received some dozens of wid of the broadcast recommendations, so that the fans increased faster, and ensure the quality. Although this method is very tricky, but it is also in the micro-blogging task rules run within the scope, so this first place, we will not disagree. In addition, the trainee also did a better job of microblogging content, and in the back of the broadcast quality task even did the average tweet forward 4000 of the staggering data, which even a large number of 100W fans, it is impossible to do.

Figure: Sina Group and Tencent Group broadcast mission TOP20 student list


The Public service Training Group 4, the overall performance is poor, because they insist on manual operation, without any micro-blogging tools. Although the final result is unsatisfactory, but the spirit is commendable, obtained other group different experience. I believe that the implementation of the 4 groups of students, if the use of micro-blogging tools to carry out the task, into the top 3 of the group, should not be a problem. One of the 4 groups of Summer Mo, but also in the fan performance behind a lot of circumstances, and ultimately rely on the quality of the task of outstanding performance, the final 11th name of the results, an exception to become the current issue of micro-blogging task of one of the outstanding students.

Figure: Final TIO20 of Sina Group and Tencent Group


Among them, the top 10, can obtain the first phase of the microblog task of outstanding students title, in this also congratulate them, in 28 push 3 training, with a good start. If a company wants to recruit microblog operators, remember that these names are good for you. Previous micro-blogging performance of outstanding students, many have been in the micro-blog marketing has achieved good results, history has been proved, I do not say more.

Today is the public service training of all the students yy regular meeting, but also in today's 3 training 2nd Data Analysis task is about to begin. To do a good job of network promotion, data analysis is a very important link. Good data analysis, can improve the effectiveness and efficiency of network promotion. I hope the 3 students will perform better in the data Analysis task.

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