Take it easy: the Hungry cat dunks

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"The Hungry Cat Dunks" demo of what happens when a hungry cat faces a cask full of fish? The answer is to send the cat into the bucket. This kind of game background slightly non-mainstream Ah, the actual game of the cat's elasticity, giving people the feeling is more like a picture of the cat pattern gas Volleyball, maybe the gas volleyball throw bucket set is too boring, so the birth of such a pull background. Game name: "Hungry Cat dunk" Price: Free release time: December 10, 2012 size: 41.1 MB "Hungry Cat dunk" game screenshot Although the game background set more casual, but after all this is a game is not a fairy tale, we still have to pay attention to the actual content of the game. As the game background sets, all you have to do is throw the cat into a bucket of fish and collect the stars to get a higher score--eating fish and picking stars--and dating a mother cat? "Hungry Cat dunk" game screenshot "Hungry Cat Dunk" game screenshot
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