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Usually we have to do one thing in order to build on the "enough understanding of things" basis, so our first step: familiarity and understanding of this site.

Common questions are as follows:

Overall situation:

1, the website establishment time.

2, the main product of the website, and hot products, (can communicate with the boss, ask quotes)

3, the site to face the sales area: China, the United States, Asia, Europe, the city, the province ... (keyword specific target status)

4, the site's current daily visits, Alexa rankings, the number of external links, statistics, the main search engine included quantity and so on. Domestic web site daily visits and Alexa rankings, foreign can directly to the Alexa query, external links with link in search engine query;

Site itself (requires our SEO personnel to be able to change the site without hindrance):

1, the site used by the main program, database, etc. (whether the optimization of search engine friendly)

2, site configuration file, picture file location (path depth, file naming, etc.)

3, the site has no sub domain name, the alliance site, there is no cheating history and so on

4, the structure of the site, the link between the Web page

5, the website information is complete

6, the site of those "optimization points" missing, such as title tags, h1 tags, alt tags, keyword density, link text and so on

If you feel that the perceptual knowledge of the site is not enough, I suggest you and the owner of the site a lot of communication. Including the history and development prospects of the site, the company's future goals and main direction of development, the company's requirements for your work and so on.

The above is our first step to optimize a website, this process is very important, it directly affects our future work quality and efficiency.

Next section: "Understand the website industry background, positioning optimization keywords."

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