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For the grassroots, the difficulty of running a Web site is increasingly difficult, and the biggest difficulty is from fierce competition, according to the latest data from the Internet Information Center, the number of websites in China has reached nearly 3 million, and last year, the data reached more than 4 million, which is because of fierce competition, In the last year, the decline of 40%, this shows the fierce competition in the Web site operations, and the Internet confidence of experts said last year is the first drop in the number of sites, and so far, the number of site data changes little, add and reduce the basic flat!

Why in the last year there was a wave of web site closures, and this year's Web site growth potential is still lackluster, and its reasons for the fierce competition led to the bursting of the internet bubble, if you do not get out of the road of others, will naturally be buried under the fierce competition! In the website that closed last year, There are more than 80% of the site is grass-roots webmaster operations, many people therefore assert that the era of grassroots sites has ended, the future is a corporate web site or the world of team sites! For this reason I have different views, grassroots webmaster Although there is no way and large web site competition, but its flexible features, so that grassroots owners have guerrilla capital , take the difference road is the future grassroots webmaster operating the site trend!

Then is not as long as the grassroots webmaster can avoid and large-scale web site to carry on the positive to touch, take the difference road will certainly be able to achieve success? In fact, this is only a prerequisite, execution is the key to success! Website operation of the whole process is very simple, it is simple to really test the executive power of webmaster!

One: Simple things to do repeatedly, it is not easy

This is what Haier's president once said, indeed, a lot of people can sweep the floor only two days a day to keep clean, but a person can be a few decades to sweep the ground clean, that is not simple, and this is not simple behind, there is no doubt that there is a huge executive power in the control of him! The same is true for Web sites, Decades of operation-dimensional site, in one day you will find that your site has been in the dim lights, is too highbrow!

But at present how many grassroots stationmaster can do this? From the statistics of the Academy of Social Sciences can see the fickleness of the grassroots webmaster, in the last year, the site of the failure, which less than a year of operation of the site more than 30%, those old site basically did not appear to collapse, can be seen grassroots webmaster impetuous is how serious, It's hard to do it for a year, so what about decades?

Second: Repeatedly do things constantly optimize, improve efficiency

Practice makes perfect the story of this idiom that everyone knows, said that an oil seller can be a drop in the mouth through the copper coins into the container of the story, selling oil Weng can through the accumulation of the same thing repeatedly to do his work is absolutely not simple, this is not simple is done by practice, Do the website is also not so, for the content of the site update, the construction of the chain, the site structure optimization, and so on, all need a lot of skills to complete, and these are in the long-term insistence, only to be able to understand these skills, many people through a variety of textbooks, to learn a lot of skills, It seems that they have the ability to carry the website, but these skills can not be considered as an armchair person, only long-term practice, only really make perfect, which skill is really belong to you!

When the skills of the website are operational, its efficiency will be able to improve, then and their competitors competition strength, as long as they insist on spending the same time with others to operate the site, while in the skills, in efficiency can overcome him, then after a long race, your site will naturally be able to surpass him! This article source: http://www.wowawowa.cn/i wow i wow weight loss net A5 start, reprint please specify, thank you!

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