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Facebook, one of the world's largest websites, celebrated its 7 birthday in Friday. Along the way, from a student's social club to become the world's most popular social networking site, 500 million of users, the number of millions of pages per day, the amount of page traffic, from the establishment of the day has not stopped the status update ... We decided to review the 7-year history of Facebook.


February 4, 2004: Thefacebook founded at Harvard University

June 2004: The company moved to Palo Alto

September 2004: Added group function, message wall on-line

December 2004: User reaches 1 million



August 2005: Thefacebook renamed for Facebook.com

September 2005: Expansion to high school

October 2005: Photo Application online

December 2005: User reaches 5.5 million


April 2006: Facebook mobile version Online

August 2006: Facebook platform launched, "blog" online, and Microsoft to achieve advertising cooperation

September 2006: News seed function Online, user dissatisfaction privacy settings, Facebook open to all users

December 2006: User reaches 12 million


May 2007: The Facebook platform and Facebook apps are officially launched at the F8 developer Conference

August 2007: Website for iphone customization

October 2007: Mobile platform online, Microsoft invested heavily in Facebook

November 2007: Facebook AD System Online



March 2008: Friends List Add privacy control

April 2008: Start Facebook Chat

July 2008: Facebook Connect online, Facebook for iphone landing at Apple Store

September 2008: New Facebook determines


February 2009: "Like" function online, user agreement changes caused controversy

June 2009: Personalized username Online

August 2009: Acquisition of FriendFeed

October 2009: Adjusting the Privacy policy

December 2009: User reaches 350 million



April 2010: Open Graphics API online

May 2010: Privacy issues are more serious

July 2010: User reaches 500 million

August 2010: Facebook places online, privacy concerns

October 2010: The movie "Social Network"

December 2010: Time Magazine's comment on Zuckerberg's "The Man of the Year"


January 2011: Valued at $50 billion

"Social networking" won four Golden Globe awards

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