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CDN Public Library refers to the common JS inventory in the CDN node, in order to facilitate the broad masses of developers to call directly. Compared with the JS inventory on the server, the Cdn Public Library is more stable and high-speed. The common CDN Public Library will contain all the most popular open source JavaScript libraries in the world, and you can refer to them directly through the script tag on your own pages. This will not only save you traffic, but also accelerate through the CDN, get faster access speed.


At present, some of the relatively large public CDN services in China:

Baidu CDN Public Library

Baidu Public CDN for webmaster applications to provide stable, reliable, high-speed services, including the world's most popular open source JavaScript library.

Official website: http://developer.baidu.com/wiki/index.php?title=docs/cplat/libs

Ps: Baidu's speed should now be similar to Sina. However, the jquery version is a few less than the SAE, and other libraries should be similar.

Sina Cloud Computing CDN Common Library

Sina Cloud Computing is the Department of Sina Research and Development Center, mainly responsible for Sina in the cloud computing area of strategic planning, technology development and platform operation. The main products include application cloud Platform Sina app Engine (SAE for short).

SAE CDN Node covers the country's major cities in the multiplex (telecommunications, unicom, mobile, education) backbone network, so that developers can easily use High-quality CDN services.

Official website: http://lib.sinaapp.com/

Ps: Online evaluation said Sina's speed is better than Baidu's. The individual did not feel it. A few times in the middle of the night when the test was slow loading (do not know other stationmaster encountered no).

Also take the Cloud JS Library CDN Service

and shoot cloud storage is the Hangzhou Weft Poly Network Limited project, was founded in June 2005, the early stage mainly for the net, and take pictures of the butler to provide pictures cloud storage/cloud services, in February 2010 for all users open to use.

The main focus on the mass of small file storage and distribution and image cloud computing field. Provides two core services: Static file cloud storage, CDN accelerated processing.

Official website: http://jscdn.upai.com/

Ps: Also take the Cloud JS library provides a common JavaScript Library CDN service. Is the early start of the CDN accelerated service. Speed and stability are also good. But JS library a bit less, some Avantgarde JS library may not provide.

Seven Neu Yun storage open static file CDN

Like Google Ajax library,microsoft asp.net cdn,sae,baidu,upyun, such as CDN on the free supply of JS library storage, but the use of a few limitations, because they only provide a part of the JS library. But seven cattle cloud storage provides a warehouse that collects the outstanding open Source Library as comprehensively as possible, and provides the CDN acceleration service free of charge.

Official website: http://www.staticfile.org/

Ps: At the same time, open static file CDN also provides open Source library source access to the portal, so that everyone can submit open Source Library, including JS, CSS, image and SwF static files.

Above these, my personal test results: Baidu Cloud should be the fastest, and take too little service, hardly to consider. Aliyun is also said to provide a public CDN service, but the official website can not find a specific service page, for the time being not to say

360 website Guardian CDN Front-End Public Library

Hosted in the 360 of numerous national CDN nodes, covering telecommunications, unicom, mobile and other mainstream operators line, you can in their own pages directly through the script tag to reference these resources, so that the speed of the site access rate instantly!

Just replace a domain name to continue to use Google's front-end public libraries and free font library, so that the speed of the Web site access instantly.

Official website: http://libs.useso.com/

The pace of ps:360 is now getting faster. The speed with which the various technologies and services are updated is fast. 360CDN services have been launched recently (seemingly mainly because of Google's wall). Provide a majority of front-end JS library, but also on their own server cache Google's front-end public libraries and free font library, which is other domestic CDN public Library does not. Speed and stability is also good, of course, compared with the slightly less than Baidu and Sina (pro-test some local broadband lines will be disconnected, may also be a very small part of it). After all, the service has not been available long. Use the specific method to view WordPress using the 360CDN Public library to solve the Google Open sans font can not be loaded.

At present, some of the larger public CDN services abroad:


CDNJS provides a very complete JavaScript library, either hot or unpopular. If you think they are missing what good function library, can also submit to the website, through the audit after the CDNJS will be for you streaming JS files! This service is a combination of CloudFlare, Pingdom and s3stat, stability and speed of nature alone. CDNJS provides JavaScript libraries all listed on the homepage of the website, users can search directly. These libraries are labeled with the version number, the label, and the original maintenance site link.

Official website: http://www.cdnjs.com/

Ps:cdnjs should be considered the most complete JS library. Store most of the mainstream JS library, and even CSS, image and SWF, but a lot of domestic outstanding open Source Library is not. A lot of foreign Avantgarde JS Library in Cdnjs most can find. Domestic speed Although compared to the other several domestic CDN services, but relatively speaking actually can.

Of course, you can also use the CDNJS domestic mirror site to take cloud path to refer to the relevant JS and CSS files.

Domestic Mirror: http://www.cdnjs.cn/

CDNJS domestic Mirror hosted in another cloud storage, but a variety of JS or CSS class cubby and shoot cloud their own JS library rich a lot, and daily synchronization update and support HTTPS protocol.

Google Hosted Libraries

Google produced, must be a boutique. Although the recent full line of Google products by the wall, even the basic Google search service can not be used. But Google's public Cdn Public Library should be the most powerful, like the avant-garde of the various code class libraries and Google Web font font library, the domestic several major public CDN services almost do not provide support.

Official website: https://developers.google.com/speed/libraries/

Ps: Of course, Google can not open how to do? In addition to the use of domestic CDN library, there is no good way. Such as: The domestic CDN does not provide the JS library using seven cattle cloud storage CDN Accelerated Service, Google Fonts Open sans font library using a 360CDN public library instead.

Microsoft asp.net CDN

ASP. NET Development team launched a new Microsoft Ajax CDN (Content IBuySpy Receptacle) service that provides caching support for AJAX libraries, including jquery and ASP.net Ajax. The service is free and does not require any registration and can be used for commercial or non-commercial purposes.

Official website: http://www.asp.net/ajaxlibrary/cdn.ashx

Ps: Microsoft produced, naturally not too bad. Although in China, the speed is still not too slow (of course, compared to other domestic CDN).


MAXCDN is a relatively inexpensive CDN company, which distributes many nodes in the world. JSDELIVR is a free open source CDN solution based on MAXCDN to help developers and webmasters. JSDELIVR contains JavaScript libraries, JQuery plug-ins, CSS frames, fonts, and more commonly used static resources on the WEB.

Official website: http://www.jsdelivr.com/

Ps: The number of nodes per CDN is everyone's concern, JSDELIVR provides 13 nodes in total. Loading speed and Cdnjs basically similar, domestic users recommend the use of domestic CDN service best. You can test it yourself.

Summary: These CDN Public libraries are mostly featured. You can use them selectively. Speed and stability to domestic Baidu and Sina for the best (of course this is personal opinion). In view of Google has been wall, all about Google's services, we will quickly transfer positions, using the domestic CDN Public Library services.

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