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Domestic web game giant hair History

"2007--the budding of the page"

The bud of the page tour is about 51wan in 2007, the grand, MOP began.

The earliest pages of the tour were the grand sweep, Cat's travels, the Tribal Wars of Shanghai Villers. The early page tour is a kind of slg play of tribal war type created by Germans, one kind is the cat travels this kind of page community game, in 2007 the page swims in most people's mind does not have any concept, thinks just is the internet early resembles the Nineth City community, in the orthodox end swims the practitioner to see the webpage game is not the game at all.

In 2007, the operation of the Web game and the original end of the tour similar, sold or operated by the agent, and the joint operation of the model did not appear, more than for the page to import users of the product channel and publicity platform. Therefore, in the 2007, most of the operation of the page is through its own user platform to achieve, such as mop nets and Shanda online platform.

At that time 51wan first looked for similar Silu, 51.com, and so on platform cooperation to import users. At that time, the sky on the left bank of the game is my first to see the Flash page tour, it took the end of the promotion mode in the Internet bar to promote the user to distribute DM single, in the Internet café to provide a demo machine, this situation has continued until the end of 2008 after the transport mode has been changed
"2008--the road of exploration"

2008 is a good day for SLG, the web game of this period is basically exclusively SLG. In the first half of the grand agency sweep reached the top monthly income of 7 million after the short-lived decline, the period of the web game life is only three months to half a year. This year the birth of countless SLG products, such as the Three Kingdoms, martial arts Three Kingdoms, blood Three Kingdoms, the Three Kingdoms siege, seven dragons, tribal warfare have achieved very excellent results.

This period coincides with the SP industry to rectify, a large number of network union flow no new industry release, and the end of the company to promote products have been formed for many years of the inherent channels, to the Network Alliance channels and other new things do not meet the enthusiasm of embracing embrace and stand back. Also is the SP industry reorganization, a large number of the original SP industry has turned to the page tour industry, and these SP company Partners Network Alliance Channels have also moved to the Page tour field. At this point, some web game companies began to try to import user traffic through the Network Alliance for their own games, the initial development due to lower user costs, at that time a user became only 3 cents-5 cents. Although at that time the profitability of the page tour is very weak, because the cost is very low, have a certain economic ability of companies are enough for the game to import a large number of users, to ensure that the product is not a loss.

In the second half of 2008, the rise of warm-blooded three is precisely because the three countries have opened the first joint operation of the model. Lok Hong Kong boss Chenbo due to the SP industry background and adequate contacts, first to find the original SP industry to go to the field of 91wan boss Lio Dong, 4399 boss Haijian, to play the Boss Chen, fun tour boss Jade Red This a large number of SP industry leading figures to take a joint operation of the way, thoroughly mobilized A lot of user resources to enter the game. The rapid expansion of blood in the three countries at the same time online more than 600,000 people online, reached the highest monthly income of tens of millions of peak. It is the first time that the whole Chinese gaming industry has realized the potential and strength of the page tour, and it is the vast establishment of the joint operation of the three countries. It is also the second half of 2008, the business model of web games really formed, then mainstream developers and operators of the proportion of 5:5, to the end of the page to the user cost has climbed to 1 to 1.5 yuan.


2009 is so far the most diverse development of the Web game category, the beginning of 09, the Q version of the Flash page tour has been born to do the monthly water 20 million of the "Heavenly Book Yarn", about 7 million of the "Magic School" and about 3 million of the "paradise." Flash ARPG "The Dark Contract" "Battle ax" "Fairy Domain", the Java Game "Qingcheng" the emergence of more practitioners to understand that the web game can realize the performance of some of the client-side game, web games have a greater imagination space. Also appeared the Leisure game "Pinball Hall", as well as "martial arts Hero" "Business tycoon" "Ming Dynasty" and other new types of games, especially the beginning of the year with the rapid rise of blood three business tycoon and martial arts hero became the biggest winner of the year.

4399 System of Guangzhou Philippine Sound, Guangzhou Czech tour, the Ming Dynasty network set up in this year, began to savage growth. 2009 industry generally debated the point of view or text is the characteristics of the page, should not and end to compete with the performance, but should be more prominent play. This year to develop class games, card games, racing games, music games, quite a number of types of games have appeared, although the final success is only a few, more than 95% are halberd. At the end of the year, the proportion of developers has been reduced to 40%, the proportion of operators has been increased to 60%, and the cost of importing single users has been raised to about 2-3 yuan.

"The peak of the 2010--SLG"

This year SLG several of the new masterpiece, "War War" "Top Heaven and Earth" "seven-man hegemony" "36" "Heroes of Heaven and Earth" collective appearance, so that the market has plunged into another round of the debate in the direction of the page tour. And in this year formed 2 factions, one kind thinks the SLG class does not emphasize the technical and the artistic expression, emphasizes the prominent game play method is the page swims differs from the client game unique characteristic. A class of people think that the page should be more convenient, convenient access to users, experience the advantages of the game to achieve 2D client game can achieve the technical and artistic expression, snatch, instead of 2D end of the market.

This year, the proponents of the page-tour theory see the success of the legendary "fairy Domain" of the successful belief that this road will certainly open up a larger market. and Support page Tour emphasis play, do not need to be in the technical and artistic expression to the end of the line of supporters are also firmly committed to their philosophy. After all, this year is the world of SLG games, the future of the ARPG game to accumulate strength, although the fairy domain and the legendary performance is good enough. This year's user costs continue to rise to more than 3 yuan, the proportion of research and development companies to further reduce to 30%, the operator to increase the proportion to 70%. At this time, the page tour market pattern has not formed, the old Strength page tour company Lok Hong Kong, nine-dimensional network, Villers has begun to decline. Research and development areas are also part of the exploration phase, did not form a brand of heavyweight research and development company. The carrier sector is still dominated by the intermodal market, its own user platform has not yet grown, and there is no absolute overwhelming advantage between the intermodal operators.
"The--ARPG of the 2011."
2011 New listing of the number of games ARPG game type products have been completely overwhelming beyond the SLG, "Proud Sword" "Heroic Expedition" "Mortal Repair True" "myth" "Nine Days Fairy Dream" "Legendary Country" "flourishing Three Kingdoms" and so on a large number of APRG games flooded the entire market. This year is also the laying of 4399 system, Philippine sound, Czech tour and other industry status of the year. This is also the year almost countless developers to the aprg direction of development, after several years of flash technology precipitation and development, technology finally mature. Also in this year page tour industry has the confidence and finally face the challenge of the company.

"Immortal Road" appeared, thoroughly to the end of the industry to carry out the game design in education. "Seven-male hegemony" and "Pinball Hall" in 2011 to realize the monthly water over billion completely changed the entire game industry and capital sector of the view of the page, really laid a page tour status. From now on, anyone dare not view the page tour, "Proud sword" and other types of client page tour success also makes the end of the company feel the unprecedented crisis.

In 2011, the user cost continued to rise to about 5 yuan, the early many transport operators have large quantities of the withdrawal of the historical stage, the mutual strangulation between the transport operators has entered a white-hot, the market pattern has been initially clear. The first generation of page tour companies in addition to the Kunlun worldwide, game Valley, 51wan also stay in the eyes of people, the early excellent page tour company has lost competitiveness, and gradually withdrew from the stage of history. End-travel company into the field of page tour, is no longer small and medium-sized companies, the Giants have layout, into the page tour, the page has finally become a regular dish.

"2012-The Dark Horse is difficult, the pattern has been set"

own user platform and intermodal platform has been divided into high and low, there is almost no possibility of the emergence of new operators, operators have achieved rapid expansion of the behemoth, to achieve the capital, users, products, talent and other aspects of the overwhelming advantage. The strong are stronger and the weak are weaker. 2012 37wan through the successful capture of the page of the Dragon will be, the Divine Comedy, Qinmei after the realization of rapid expansion, and lay the industry transport platform one brother's status. Seventh Avenue 2 consecutive products monthly revenue over billion, laying its first page tour research and development company status.

In 2012, the monthly income of over billion products have been up to five, respectively, is the seven-male hegemony, Pinball Hall, Proud Sword, the Divine Comedy, Immortal Way. Page tour of the status of the Sun, Tencent open platform for the market size to reach 50% of the industry, the transport market living environment further aggravated by the poor, small and medium-sized new companies have basically lost the possibility of rising, only at the theoretical level there is still a glimmer of opportunity and hope.

2012 Page Tour user costs further increased to a single user cost of 8-10 yuan, or even more than 10 yuan, the cost of pressure to further transfer to the player, the entire industry to excellent quality games more picky. Almost no Black horse company's appearance, basically the operation of good results are all the veteran page travel research and development company, the formation of brand and has a wealth of experience, familiar with the rules of the market game veteran game research and development company.

Small and medium-sized new research and development company produced products basically from the beginning of the doomed to the end of the failure, more than 90% of the products can not meet with the user has been declared failure. The market's user channels have been several big page tour operators Monopoly, in the cost of a high market environment, most of the page tour products do not have the necessary to survive the profitability and other conditions, the industry reshuffle has arrived.
2012 is also a year in advance of the page tour industry into the era of capitalization, game Valley, the sale of Pioneer Network, as well as Forgame, Seventh Avenue, tour group, fun Tour and many other companies are actively preparing for the listing. It is believed that in the new 2013, the era of the capitalization of the page tour will usher in a peak.

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