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E-commerce can conduct business activities without the buyer and seller meeting. Consumers can shop online, trade, online payments and various business transactions. With the development of E-commerce, customer demand for products and services to improve. E-commerce in the continuous development of many industries derived.

What are the business derivatives?

1. Website on behalf of the operation

For example, Enterprise Btoc CTOC operation, as well as Taobao on behalf of the operation. If some of the site size and funding constraints are not suitable for their own operations, then you can find http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/34402.html "> on behalf of the operating company, you can let them do, This is convenient and saves money. Both sides benefit, why not?

2. Sourcing Distribution Platform

For some relatively sufficient supply of manufacturers can take this approach, so that their goods can be quickly sold out.

3. Market Analysis and Consulting

A new thing has no value, and certainly there will be an assessment and market research. For example, the more famous electric business analyst company has Eric.

4. Network Promotion

Since the advent of electricity, network promotion is essential to a job, that this industry to feed a lot of people, such as SEO, SEM, network brand promotion, Network Alliance, network advertising. It is because of the electric business, there are so many e-commerce practitioners.

5. Logistics Industry

E-commerce to the logistics industry to enliven, it is because of CTOC, only a lot of logistics industry practitioners. The logistics industry is dependent on the existence of electric dealers. Jingdong Mall is because has its own set of logistics management to dare and Gome and Suning dozen price war. So the logistics industry for E-commerce is very important, the two complement each other.

6. Merchandise shelves, commercial photography industry, models, art

7. Network PR

An online shop its façade is very important, in order to maintain the site's brand, network PR bred and born. Under the line has the PR, the same line also has the corresponding network public relations, can handle the urgent event. Maintain the brand and reputation of the website.

8. Taobao Shop Decoration

In order to sell the product, the design and façade of the website is very important. Every consumer is sure to want to go to a good store to shop, so the process of shopping is certainly very enjoyable. So Taobao shop Decoration was born.

9. Mobile Electric Business Website Construction

As we all know, mobile Internet is certainly the future development trend, if you want to take a piece from the mobile electricity business, it is definitely to enter the mobile electric business industry as soon as possible. Enter the mobile business, first of all to build a good site, then the website construction industry can solve this problem.

10. Shopping Search, navigation

Consumers find their own items need to use the navigation and search function, can help consumers find the goods they want as soon as possible, this will increase the user experience of goodwill.

11. Customer Service

When consumers do not understand some of the characteristics of the product, this requires customer service staff to help, and there are customer service staff can increase the trust of consumers.

In fact, so many industries derived is to better serve consumers, standing in the customer's perspective to help him solve the problem. Can let the consumer rest assured that the comfortable shopping. E-commerce so that people can not go out to shopping, to provide people with great convenience, and e-commerce derived from the industry is to better serve the buyers and sellers, the seller can sell their products faster, so as to achieve their own goals. All services are for consumers to buy the peace of mind. The existence of all industries is complementary.

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