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In addition to the traditional CMS and blog programs, webmasters will also choose other Web site procedures to build stations, such as questions and answers, SNS, micro-blog, picture sharing, download and other types of programs, and such programs often do not like Dede CMS such excellent programs and teams. If you have money, everything is not a problem, if not, most of the webmaster will download some free or open source Web site programs to build stations, how to choose a good SEO optimization of the site program, this article will answer for you.

A good SEO site program to meet the following points:

First, div layout. Use div layout to separate content from performance, page smaller, and easier to show content to search engines. We know that the page size exceeds a certain amount, the search engine will remove the redundant parts, which is why we see some of the site's snapshots show only part of the content. The typical example is Sina blog, although the weight of Sina blog is very high, but the page size is still Sina blog seo a big mistake.

Second, you can customize the site header label. Each page is required to have the flexibility to customize the site header label, which should include at least:, and. Site title, description and keywords, these three will tell users and search engines the theme of the page, through keyword analysis, writing appropriate titles and descriptions often give the page a better ranking.

Third, static page generation technology. Although search engines have said that their good support for dynamic pages, but static page browsing faster, more easily indexed search engines, and other reasons, webmasters are more willing to choose a static page to generate the Web site program. Content-led sites are almost always using static page technology, such as NetEase news, Sina News, A5,chinaz and so on.

Four, related content. A good SEO site program must have relevant content modules. WordPress A very popular plug-in is related content plug-ins. In the article page to show related topics and theme page links can not only highlight the theme of this page, but also to increase the weight of the relevant theme pages. Related content module can be said that the site within the chain construction of the simplest and most effective method.

Five, the standardized web site. For the same page, try to avoid different URLs pointing to it. Different URLs will spread the weight of the page. On the issue of standardized web site I have before in A5 an article: "On the Web site normalization of the role of the ranking," there are interested to see.

The above are some of my own experience, just for the program SEO, the actual choice of Web site procedures to consider more, such as security, ease of use, these are not discussed in this article. This article A5 first, original, reprint please indicate the source.

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