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The internet, like other enterprises, wants to be bigger and stronger, and must have its own team. It's easy to say and hard to do when the team finds the right team. Concentric can go farther, the only way to go closer. To find a partner, first of all, be concentric. One ideal, one goal. The internet is the initial stage of entrepreneurship is not immediately profitable, this is to find partners to increase the difficulty. Start not making money, generally 3-5 years, or even 10 years, this requires the partners have common goals and perseverance to go on. Partners must have 3-5 years of cooperation plans, to long-term plans, to use a lifetime to complete it. For shares, if you start with two people, the other one accounts for 51%, and the other is 49%. There is only one legal representative. That is, the CEO has only one.

If the CEO is the Sun, the world has only one sun, if two people are the sun will burn. If you want to do the sun, it is necessary to find people who want to do the moon cooperation, do not look for the sun to cooperate with people. If not, the stars can also, first find the stars to cooperate, and he grew up, and so the stars slowly into the moon, and then slowly recruit stars. The best collaborators are the ones who grow with you, learn together, and those who are better than you, you do the sun, he certainly does not want to, will run away. Either make your own moon, others do the sun. Cooperation should be talked about, in case of three five years, separate. How to divide assets, tangible assets easily divided, intangible, such as Web sites, domain names, as well as customers, and so on, these, to discuss how to score. Moreover, a bear to make a goal to do a career, will die to do, many people say, as long as make money, do the sun and the moon is important, yes, this is not wrong. Didn't make any money at first. Even if it makes money. Ideas change. Therefore, it is very important to deal with the relationship among the collaborators. General cooperation will be separated. Separate, on the basis of shares, and tangible and intangible assets divided, sold, two halves of money, if one side to come down, on both sides negotiate well, give each other how much money. Agree.

To find collaborators, should find complementary, a specialist technology, a specialty sales, so that cooperation better, no one can leave who. If two of them are technology, everyone is bull B. It's not good to go it alone. In the process of cooperation, do not doubt each other, there is a saying, the suspect does not, employing not suspect, since you want to use him, we must believe him. Before I opened the company in Shenzhen, began to find collaborators on the internet, a few, and finally found a suitable. Trust each other. Now feel more difficult to find collaborators, looking for a long time did not find.

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