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Summary: No matter what type of site, user experience is very critical, but for business-to-business sites appear to become important, the user experience of the quality of the direct impact of the site's operations, determine the success or failure of the site. Today there are a lot of business-to-business sites, but how much success

No matter what type of Web site, user experience is very critical, but for the business-to-business site appears to be important, the quality of the user experience directly affect the operation of the site, determine the success or failure of the site. Today, there are many business-to-business websites, but how much success? If your site user experience this piece does not do home, that is doomed you will fail, after all, the Business-to-business website wants to succeed or the user experience, a valuable business-to-business website user experience this piece must do well, otherwise, long been eliminated. Below A5 Webmaster Network SEO Diagnostic Team ( from the following aspects of how to improve the user experience of Business-to-business Web site:

The simpler the registered member procedure, the better.

The average Business-to-business website has its own membership and wants to be a member of your site, the enterprise will register the account only, but many of the business-to-business Web site in the membership registration process this piece is very not in place, so that users fill a lot of their own content, what information will be engaged in the user registration to half the time to give up, therefore, We can not set checkpoints for users, it is best to allow the registered members the simpler the better, and even only need their company's information and contact the way of the line, there is no need to integrate all the information, this will only let users feel afraid.

Set up 24 hours QQ online customer service

When the user registers a good account to publish the information, because is not familiar with the website, often after landing do not know how to improve information, publishing opportunities, at this time, they most need is a guide, can guide him step-by-step operation, what problems can be resolved at any time. Therefore, the website is best to have 24 hours QQ online customer service, otherwise, will lose a lot of customers.

Business-to-business website content is king

This is the law of death for every type of site, a good site if not enough to improve the content is in vain, even if your site optimization to do a very good job is not, can not users through the search engine came in after nothing to see it, at least there should be relevant content it, so the business-to-business website want to do a good job, big, That will be better to improve the content of the site collection, to ensure that every search engine to crawl have something new.

Web opening speed

Speed is the key to a website success, if your site does not have a stable fast server, so, you also very difficult to succeed, the website which day when machine, cannot open, also happened to encounter the website to open the phenomenon, then, search engine spider come to once your website but still be shut in the door, what also did not get, that next time, It will not be so active happy to come, it is human nature, after all, the feeling of being put pigeons is very difficult to play.

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