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Last wrote a "Super cow alternative promotion method quickly increase the weight of the site outside the chain" article has not been A5 edited by the approval, however, in view of my approach to the new station is very suitable for friends, can be in a short period of time to establish a large number of outside the chain and increase the content of their own web site by A5 Editor to the forum. I am also very relieved, at least my article was A5 by the big recognition. This time to write a reinforced version of the original ideas have done a further upgrade.

The idea is to set up an unofficial mutual aid alliance.

One, the alliance each stationmaster to have the same plate other stationmaster to propose the cooperation application

Second, agreed to cooperate after the webmaster to the Alliance to open up a green account, so that when the post does not need to verify the code, reducing the webmaster each time the post.

Third, participate in the alliance of the new station stationmaster all by individual in the union each stationmaster net to dispatch the chapter.

Four, the content of the article and be posted to the Board of the webmaster in line (for example: emotional world, entertainment news, etc.)

The form of the post includes the subject and content of the article, in the final note of the article on the source, that is, the address of the post person's website. (The content of the article must be reasonable and lawful can not appear illegal content)

VI, found that there is a breach of the content or the publication of pure advertising, the owners can be released from the cooperation, the posting account.

The benefits of doing this:

One, hard-working webmaster friends can increase their own more than n more than the chain, increased the amount of Baidu included, at the same time their own site has been the other webmaster constantly add content and popularity of the site.

Second, lazy webmaster is just waiting for someone else to post, you can only increase their content and popularity of the site.

No matter you are industrious or lazy, you can gain by joining this alliance. Or the popularity of content and the chain of double collection, or only to harvest popular content, all look at the results of their own efforts.

I have this idea when I try to send the content of a link to the article, some sites took the deletion of links, some took the deletion of posts more directly, but these are also only individual sites. Most of the sites on my article or accepted, and did a post reply. When you post the child as long as you see others reply to your previous post you are in reply to the content, that is, the top of the post is also regarded as a netizen communication. At present, my site outside the chain is also steadily increasing, after all, I was hand-posted posts, every day in 30~50 a website posting.

This method has been a lot of new station friends recognized, willing to join this alliance, please contact me in my website to find my QQ, and a special QQ group to join the alliance of people to exchange.

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