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Soft Wen is one of the most important methods of site promotion in the 21st century, which is also the most Jes by Webmaster. Of course, not all of the soft text can be in exchange for the maximum effect, the use of soft paper is not good for the effect is very miserable. So how to write to let users like, you can open the user's heart of the article? This not only requires the webmaster's writing skills and the application of words, the key to see the title of the attraction and content value. For the content of the value of the author can not accurately express, we could read the volume, turnout, comment on the content of the step-by-step analysis to learn. Of course, if your article can impress the user's heart, then your article conversion rate is certainly not bad. How to make their own promotional software can play to open the user's heart, so that users do not hesitate to use the guidance of soft text to produce consumer behavior? This requires a process in which we can be roughly divided into three steps, and we'll talk about three steps below.

Select and compose topics and headings first. Each successful promotion of soft article, it must have a very novel theme as the topic of the article. The author reminds me, not all the novel subject matter can obtain the user's praise sound, the key is two points, the subject matter and the environment at that time coordination, for example, today is the Qingming Festival, you write an article on how to lead the Spring festival, even if the article said the method is good, the quality is not necessarily how much conversion rate , after all, in the wrong time to choose the wrong theme, its own is a wrong way to promote the soft text. The second theme and user interaction, the general user favorite topic There are two kinds, one is controversial, such as the webmaster said that the keyword is not good, and you say that stack keywords are good, so controversial topics are often very easy to stimulate the user's interactive mood. One is after the topic, like last year's Zhang Jieshena marriage event, if at that time you write some articles related to this aspect, naturally the effect is certainly very good, because it can provide users with a hot topic after the conversation to promote the feelings between friends. And the title, the success of an article, not only rely on high-quality content, but also a title, we can see a lot of headlines in the forum is always higher than the normal post browsing, the reason is because, a title can let users have the impulse to click, even if the content is worse, We can not say that this post is a failure, standing in the promotion of the point of view can at least maximize the exposure of their own to expose things. So, an article to impress the user's heart not only need a good theme, but also need to match a sufficiently attractive title, like the previous 20,000 Yuan SEO is how to refine the same, the content is very bad, but the point rate is very high browsing rate.

Second, the content of the composition. When it comes to content, the first thing we can think of is that content must be original. But if the content alone can impress the user, then there are so many examples of the use of original articles to promote and do not achieve the desired effect of the example? If the original article can make users like it, it is the comfort of the ego. Personally think, a enough to impress the user's heart of the article, not only the need for quality but also the relevance of the environment at that time, for example, 10 days ago to write the potato and cool marriage article and now write potatoes and youku marriage of the article, the effect of the difference is certainly very large, even if you are now writing this article quality again good, original degree again high , and it doesn't necessarily have much effect. After all, now the environment is not the same, we have seen similar articles no dozens of have more than 10, hot once the past, the rest of the meaning of nothing. At the same time content, personally think, is not completely original is the quality of the article, also not original article on the user value, but also need to note that when you write this article, how many users have this demand, the topic in this time to publish whether appropriate and so on all aspects of factors need to be considered in place. To write an article can impress the user's heart is simply relying on the original is not good, but also need to pay attention to the surrounding environment. Only the right time to choose the topic, write a quality article, can quickly open the user's heart, so that it frankly accept the promotion of information.

The layout format of the final article. Does an article meet the above two points can be called the quality of the article? Can you quickly guide users to produce consumer behavior? In fact, there is a small detail is the most impact on the conversion rate of soft, that is the composition of the article format is not standardized, This is to improve the user reading speed and do not allow users to produce aesthetic fatigue on the basis of the soft text to maximize the effect of promotion. According to the author observation, the general user likes to see some paragraphs trenchant, and not long, in between 500-800 words of the article, because this can not only meet the user's reading needs, but also will not allow users to see a pile of text produced scalp numbness feeling. Can open the user's heart of the promotion of soft, first of all need to do typesetting work, the section of the paragraph, the use of the full period of the use of the period, these are the details of the impact of the conversion rate of soft text. Personally think that a paragraph of text is best not more than 200 words, too long words will appear more bloated, too short will appear to be nothing to read the value of the article. The promotion of their own soft paragraph format code good, will not show the first death, but also better let the soft text into the user's heart, so that it produces consumer behavior.

For an article can move users to promote soft, I think the small details of the processing is very important, such as the title bar, a reasonable word, and content-related strong title can make soft text of the click rate to present a different class. And typesetting, just like to show you the end of a paragraph with a section of the specification, two kinds of content is the same, you would prefer to see which article? After all, soft text to impress users, first of all, the need for soft text can stimulate the user's reading behavior. This article by the Great Monster Http:// exclusive feeds, A5 starts, reprint please specify, thanks!

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