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Keywords Very that is the industry portal ourselves we "> Industry portal gives people the feeling is a lot of content, wide range of information, very professional." Indeed, do industry portal if there is no certain strength, a certain understanding is impossible to do. To say, recently found that doing industry portal is usually the company itself is the industry's company, and has a certain degree of history and strength. Our China automotive Lighting Portal is also the case, the company itself to do automotive lighting products, so we know more about this industry.

However, this also brings some problems, that is, the problem of suspicion. If the company wants to avert suspicion, then there is a problem with promoting the site. Because the site of the record, the company's address and the promotion of the identity of the personnel of the problem is very embarrassing. It will also bring waste to promotional fees. In fact, after understanding the experience of other industry websites, we found that the site is completely unnecessary to avoid suspicion, because if users are interested in the site, it is easy to generate trust, the promotion of the company's products is beneficial, is mutually beneficial. Of course in the latter part of the best is the establishment of a new company, so more objective.

Industry Portal The first issue is the release of the news. No matter what industry news, the site does not have a certain strength that is not good. But if you have a reporter to interview, for not big companies, the cost of doing it is really not affordable. Especially the initial stage of the website, more dare not take risks. In fact, for news, still can go to other large-scale news website collection. I've seen several websites do this. Most are reproduced, rarely written by themselves. The effect of this is not very good, and reproduced for search engines, the benefits are all reproduced in the online. But it doesn't matter, there are other places where we can get the benefits back.

The second issue of website promotion is the problem of industry information. Including product supply and demand information, recruitment information, business recommendations, industry information. A lot of information, a wide range. A lot of just started the industry portal site mostly with pseudo original method to solve. is to find other websites, blog articles, and then revise the end, the middle of the repair, plus their own links. False original effect or good, at least for search engines, still can get a good collection and rankings. However, it is best to maintain a few of the day is the original site. As long as there are other sites reproduced, the site to bring the weight of the page is very high.

The third problem is the question of keywords. Industry portal, a wide range of coverage. But it doesn't mean you have a lot of keywords. To know in the industry, for the product keyword, the relevant enterprises have a lot of, also spent money to promote. If you follow suit, it's not going to work unless you have money. In our experience, it is best to select 5 keywords, and to choose the general industry. For example, we make headlight products, we choose is the Chinese car lighting, car lighting, car lights three key words. To be particularly said that people do not care so much about the choice of keywords, to know that good sites can not use keywords. To do good keywords, such as beauty pictures are not relied on the site keyword tags on a lot of keywords to go up, the most effective is to follow the key words to write articles. Cover keywords in the article title and content, pay attention to maintain density. The use of articles to promote keywords is very important, but also the most effective, because the search engine is to rely on the article to search.

In the final analysis, the promotion of the website or rely on the user friendly. Here in particular to prompt website promotion personnel, must pay attention to the site statistics to search keywords. Focus on what the user is searching for, and then write the relevant article area introduction. At the same time let the company focus on user concerns. This is good for the company and the website. I am also a novice to promote, here to express a little of their feelings, I hope to be able to and more of the industry portal promotion staff exchanges.

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