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Personal website is the power of the Internet, think of the day if all the personal sites are closed, we can not find out from Baidu all kinds of content, Baidu has become a veritable site search, the search engine, also do not need complex algorithms, direct human audit got.

And do not talk about those very successful personal sites, foreign Facebook, domestic hao123, are few, missed the opportunity, and then build 100 Web site Navigation station is no good. Online on the personal site profit is also a lot of articles, I from the perspective of their own practice, to talk about some of their experience.

Since I built the station, from the beginning of pure interest to the change of profit thinking, the profit of personal website, mainly in the following 2 aspects:

1. Advertising

Advertising may be the most familiar to all webmaster a way of profit, now a little bit of traffic on the personal site, almost all hung up ads, the most popular should be Google AdSense and Baidu Alliance.

The real advertising, I think, is a way to sell other people's products, including CPC, CPA and CPS. Because the CPC is the easiest to understand and operate, it is widely known.


Google Adsense

My first contact with the site advertising model, the application is very simple, a single click of the higher cost (to do the English site clicks higher), but need 100 dollars to settle. It is now a good time to support Western Union remittances to banks that support Western Union.

Although Google is now out of China, but the business is still, I recently put some of the site on the AdSense, the benefits can also offset the cost of the site:

Baidu Alliance


In the domestic similar to AdSense products, 100 yuan settlement, the need for identity card certification, the site needs to record, but now even if the site is still difficult to pass the audit, do not know what the criteria are.


The mode of paying by effect, for example, early years I have an article about making friends, in Baidu ranked very good, and then I hung up the absolute 100 marriage network CPA Link, if the user through this link, registered this dating site account, and meet the requirements, I can get 2.5 yuan.

This article, brought me hundreds of yuan income, and I hardly spent much time. Unfortunately, the end of this activity, do not know is cheating too many people, or the end of the CPA related.

Here is a tip: often see the background of your site statistics, if a certain article traffic is very high, you can according to the theme of this article to hang related ads, such a high pertinence, also do not need to post maintenance.


CPS very good understanding, the domestic representative is well-known Ali mother, I used to call Taobao Alliance, a single big. About the Taobao Alliance is not detailed, before a Bo friends on the profit of the alliance Taobao has been suspected, this is normal, the people did not think to make money.

My main income in recent years from the Taobao Alliance, although not as much as the industry, but more than a job or better. Now the rules of Taobao Alliance changes, but also forced the personal webmaster including me to make some changes, and eventually to jump out of the ads, to industry.

Taobao Alliance has many people to bask in high income, rarely true, is basically to engage in training. Do not use the False method PS, direct firebug to change numbers, understand the technology will be used. Remember one point: The real master, will not casually disclose their income, not to mention the method.

There is a very popular last year 9 9, what is worth buying and other products shopping guide station, its essence is CPS, push Taobao products on the use of Taobao Alliance links, pushing the east to use the Beijing-East Alliance.

By the way, now the mainstream electric business, almost all have the alliance, you think those rebate website money where?

2. Products and Services

Since the talk of personal webmaster, you can not put aside the relationship with the site, you open a Taobao shop can also be profitable, but not in my discussion scope.


About the combination of website and products, I personally observed that the flow of the site is to drive the sale of products.

For example, a creative website, the webmaster also opened a home to sell creative products Taobao shop, the site to maintain updates, to attract users to visit. Then in the article will have where to buy links, linked to their own shop, the real sense of the puff type. This way can also do Taobao Alliance, but the profit is certainly not an order of magnitude.

With the division of more and more fine, the website and shop must be biased. Some webmaster transformation to do electricity quotient, will go to find other sources of traffic; some webmasters have realized the importance of the website to the wide network, even if they can make money by selling products, they will not take the risk of transformation.

But AdSense initial use of the site to sell products, is a good choice.


The essence of service and product is similar to personal webmaster, proficient in technology, so many are to provide Web site optimization services or network technology-related training. Personally feel that training this wade very deep, unless there is real practical learning, or a little foot of the cat Kung Fu do not come out to deceive.

The nature of the site

Back to the nature of the site, why do users frequently visit your site? Is your site catching a pain point, or is your site having what they need?

I've been thinking about a problem, what kind of site is a useful site.

To make a useful website, you have to have a choice.

You want to be a shopping guide station, if the real cost-effective goods, there is no commission, no advertising fees, you do not get any benefit from it, you will write a thousand-word article, for it applauded it? You want to do training, but there is no return in the early days, you are willing to spend years of learning, free to share it out?

It is not easy to do a good job, not to mention the long waiting. When I was a CPS, I often found that the site that generates profits today is usually half a year ago, or even one years ago. Unfortunately, many sites are due to the early investment, the return of less, and prematurely gave up.

Websites do well, no matter what to profit in the future, after all, can make money, and sustainable development.

The profit model of the personal website is here, although there are still many profit models not written out, but basically the same, or a simple truth, how your site has traffic, advertising will naturally find the door, maybe someone will find you write soft wen, someone will buy advertising, or someone and you cooperate to sell products, services, unlimited kinds of possibilities.

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