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Do knowledge NET is I 06 years of idea! For I do not have much resources, do the knowledge of the Web site cost low! After resigning in 07, I did what I thought was a good Chinese knowledge network, after half a year of development, Baidu and Google search knowledge or knowledge network or China Knowledge Network in the first three ( Income is also 1 months 2000 or so)! When I share my experience selflessly, but by one of my former colleagues plagiarism (including my content), did a website with the same name (now everyone Baidu ' China Knowledge Network ' can find him! BS He, I do not object to the same name, but against the same name also copied content in 09, I directly delete it! The reason is that the feeling of plagiarism is very uncomfortable, and I realized that the commercial value is not high! (Let the bird Take the Wind)

07 Industry website Fire, but at that time I did not do the industry knowledge network. So the industry knowledge network is almost 2 years late, perhaps more than! Because the industry site of the outbreak is not a day two days or a year two years can accumulate!

In addition, 07 and 08, or the classification of Information network and video network peak! But they are high flow, low income or high input, output bottom! I can see it in their excitement! But from the information network I saw the industry knowledge Network and information network of the combination point! That is the knowledge of the soft text!

In the major portals are introduced encyclopedia, question and answer, such as the knowledge-oriented channels and columns, the knowledge of the threshold of the Web site is getting higher!

My industry knowledge network after considering the first to put forward the concept of knowledge of soft text!

As people's reliance on the internet has deepened, people have become more and more interested in using the Internet to inquire about products or services and to obtain industry-related information. Knowledge of the soft article is based on the industry-related knowledge, products related to technical principles, business services and other knowledge of the nature of the content, including the soft text of enterprise information. The knowledge Soft article is a new concept, which was first proposed by the industry knowledge Network. However, the knowledge of soft text in the Internet has actually been widely used! The knowledge soft article belongs to the Knowledge marketing category, is satisfies the latent customer to the profession or the product knowledge cognition demand premise, achieves the promotion enterprise or the product the goal! I will be my industry knowledge network positioning for the knowledge of soft text promotion platform! Which is to find a place to connect with the business. ! The website consumer faces is individual or the enterprise, this is makes the website a difficult choice! I feel that the industry is facing the enterprise, knowledge is to face the individual. It's also a point of combination!

When I discussed this idea with some friends, some people said that the industry knowledge network is too big, why not focus on one industry? In fact, this industry knowledge network is not a person I am doing, nor is it a company in doing, but countless companies and individuals are doing! Because is an open propaganda platform, I do is not the industry knowledge of the article delete it! I do not care about the current development situation, do not care whether Baidu or Google included! Sometimes think, in fact, this site features similar to Bokee, but positioning is not the same. They are all let others write, let others share. Compared with Bokee, just more professional! Bokee more related to life and interest, and the industry knowledge network involves the work and products required knowledge! That's it! At present, my industry knowledge net income in 300 yuan/day or so. As for how to come, I do not want to say more! A word: Soft wen!

Industry Knowledge Network Address: (Admin5 starting, reprint must keep address, otherwise as tort)

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