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I learned to surf the internet in 1998, at that time basically only know to chat with people, can be regarded as a net worm, contact the domain name is very early, Basic is 2001, then do not understand the domain name investment, but often to point to some sites, we also know that playing games, we must go to find fun games, especially behind the play miracle, Sometimes a day to change a game, when the basic is a day off, so we have to go to the game to search the site.

2006 began to intervene in domain names, but not hype, is because I and friends to open a game---miracle, open the game, will rent the server, do erection, and then find a domain name resolution to that IP, so just can publish ads, the game opened six months, 2006, due to the project is busy, Stop playing games, the game half a year to earn almost 50,000, eat and drink play also more than 30,000, because the game open more, domain name also registered part, lost a pity, the query under the domain name can be traded no, do not know, the original domain name and high transaction records, especially COM, have millions of transactions, then feel good, Domain name investment has development, began to search the relevant information of domain name, view the price of some transaction domain name, slowly to understand it.

At that time, the fire is the Chinese domain name, everywhere to promote Chinese, at that time also belong to the embryonic stage, the game also earned some money, began to invest in Chinese domain name, Chinese things are really can't ah, as long as you can think of, there will be such a domain name, so register a lot of Chinese domain name, until later compared to understand the domain name, I lost a lot of Chinese, block lost more than 5,000 Chinese rice bar.

Until today, on the domain name is more understanding, that is when I sent a lot of tuition only to learn, 2007 just Netcom and Telecom merged, my project also stopped, began a real domain name career, that is, basically a professional domain name, on the computer every day at least not less than 15 hours, Basic is 9 o'clock in the morning up to start playing computer, see Domain name registration. It's hard to go to bed at 12 o'clock at that time in the domain name City (corn) to learn, two began to register, also know that good domain names are registered, had to rush, registration is really exciting, we should all have this feeling, that is the time of the last few minutes of rush to rush, Grab the last moment that is incomparable excitement, 2007, is also a very professional year, not only in the registration, in the domain name City, but also keep looking at the posts, because they sell domain name, who first thread domain name sold to who, I generally like the domain name Rob is particularly fast.

Of course, not every time their favorite domain name must be a good domain name, really play the domain name want to play the essence, must invest, only to rob to sell, make money, just said you are right, and sometimes rob the domain name, they feel good, the result also sell at a loss. So I like everyone, is all the way out from the domain name, i what domain suffix are playing, as long as feel good, Rob, no matter what suffix, of course, most of the proof I was right, I rob the domain name is basically still earn money, but not to make money like other masters, selling is the terminal, you can earn a lot, I am mostly selling rice farmers , the terminal to find me to buy, only sold 2 times, then rob very low, so also sell very low, basically is still in the forum to buy more meters, the registration of the basic in the easy name, 66 that rush, occasionally also play in The Times, 2007 I traded more domain names, what suffixes have transactions, COM,CN,BIZ,CC , Mobi, there are basically deals, last year also invested a lot of money in, the highest peak of time, bought 10 tens of thousands of Mobi domain name, of course, now mobi bad, but good and bad is not our decision, the most important is that you lose, as long as you lose, you have development, of course, beginners play rice, I usually play are hard pass meters, like 4 digits, 3 digits, 3 letters, etc., such a stable, basically suitable for beginners to play, because the market is not very bad when the basic or small earn, but do not shoot too high. I bought more than million of rice, also sold a lot of rice, last year is not the money was taken away, I estimated that the domain name earn more, although Mobi investment a bit wrong. But I basically in the domain name investment still calculate to earn the money.

For example: I sell the domain name

NEWS.XX.XX---Local domain name, foreign find me to buy thousands of U.S. dollars, not English did not trade into, and finally in the domestic thousands of out, cost price 50.

A 2.5 miscellaneous CN, terminal price, more humorous is, I said in the mailbox I quickly 2000 Rob, finally others call me, I bid 1000 sell, a bit silly, cost price 103.

Part of the area code mobi, thousands of a part of the cost of a 500. times robbed 3030, turned over a time to sell, when the urgent money, 0791---provincial code. Rob, 3300 sell, because there is no money wrong, or 3L---* * more good remember, now 2 miscellaneous CN can't 3000, see Price Unlimited.

There are a lot of 3-letter cn, bought to sell, a earn hundreds of on the out.

The fastest is 2100 yuan tonight to buy 2 3-letter cn, the next day to sell out, sell 3300, earn 1200, that is the CN price is very high, I do not have the money to sell, and sell others is first give money, and so on 7 days I push the domain name to others.

Of course there are many many, but also a loss of time, sometimes 50 down, found not good to sell, I immediately threw, 20-30 are out, loss dozens of bar.

I think a person's growth and experience inseparable from, you want to play a good domain name, to trade, the transaction will know what the value of the domain name, my turnover is also fast 300,000 to become big, of course, I know a lot of the elite in the domain name city, their good meters more than I, I in their eyes, only a millet farmers, Just i what domain name all play, all trade, so to the general domain name or more understanding.

2008, the project is busier this year, so I rarely speak in the forum, plus in the domain name city to do the judges (Puma), I generally only to evaluate the domain name, there is a moderator and so on to chat, increase their domain name experience.

Traversed such a long road, and also evaluated a lot of domain names, found that too many novice, may be the same as I just play domain name, feel good on the registration, do not know the value of the domain name, there is no one to Ah, but also some people out of the farmers camp, to others said domain name is not fun, in fact many people are lack of learning, really Our study is personal experience, money to buy lessons, I can lose more than million domain name, you can do it, Mobi recently development is not good, I have dozens of Mobi area code, forget to renew, direct loss of more than 10,000, but I do not distressed, after all, I still have many, of course, many people can not take so much money to play, The best way is to learn, the forum is a good place for everyone to learn, is definitely a novice into the rice farmers test. Do not rush to play rice, first ask yourself to understand the rice, do not understand the talk on the register it, some registration is not bad, and some I think that is the tuition is the rice, and even everyone looked, are dizzy.

As playing Mirominon, I hope that we can play a healthy rice, do not throw a lot of money into, why, and so you experience more, see good domain name when want to buy, no money how to do, so as any investment to leave a way for themselves, our road is still very long, there are many good meters fall, not afraid you can not rob, afraid you can not understand, And so you have consciousness, and see good rice, the price of low direct Rob, this is money, only you earn money, can survive.

2008 is nearly over, I hope that every rice farmers can make money, while meeting more friends.

A good domain name has many factors, some of its own value, such as words, pinyin, numbers, and some domain name is to do the value of the station to see whether a domain name is good or bad, you can analyze many kinds.

One: Prefix

Good words, area code, letter length, we all know, the shorter the better the domain name, of course, is not short must be good, at present the word is ranked first, the international transaction prices are the word and the industry domain name.

China prefers or figures and pinyin, which is also a certain factor, the number is good to remember, or you build a station, others talk to you in the car, you tell him your site, may be a few letters, perhaps home, he will not remember, so say the number of good comparison by the Chinese, like 28, 163,188 and so on the number is better to remember, so the station to do the success of the same people are very easy to remember the site.

There are now the higher is the ruby pinyin, pinyin meter, good memory, good sense of consciousness is very clear, very terminal like, like, are purchased by the terminal, pinyin should be more and more Chinese.

The second is the short letter, of course, in China is the whole birth mother, the birth mother can combine phrases, many companies are now using the birth mother combination, of course, the front has a better place, like cn+,bj+,sh+, a lot of enterprises are such companies.

Next is the creative domain name, like CCTV,CNC, these are their own definition of the word, pinyin is not, but is very good domain name

Two: suffix

Suffix good or bad is very important, is not the word to say well, the suffix is not good, not necessarily sell the price, the best of course, COM, but also the premise of terminal purchase, the next China still like CN, even net in China's acceptance is not very good.

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