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The new IBM SmartCloud start Cloud product IBM Starter Kit for Cloud (SKC) is the IBM Fast Cloud Infrastructure cloud computing platform, and as a fully integrated software stack, IBM Starter Kit for Cloud can take your virtualized environment from The "Cloud ready" state transitions to a real "cloud" environment.

ZDNet to the top of the network this is the honor of the IBM Greater China System and Technology Division power product Manager Mr. Gu Jian, hope that the power in the cloud applications and Fast Cloud (SKC) suite to ask questions, our guests will answer for you.

The following is a transcript of this micro-interview:

Today (March 27) afternoon 14:00-15:00,IBM Power product manager Gu Jian of the Greater China System and technology Division will talk power with ZDNet server channel Editor Meng. Please feel free to ask questions.

ZDNet Chinese Community: SKC is very handy for cloud management, so where is SKC positioning and hierarchy within the framework of IBM's entire SmartCloud? How many servers are appropriate to manage?

Gu Jian: SKC is specially developed by IBM for users, helping users build power cloud cloud service management with acceptable cost, the most concise and quickest steps, and help users stride into cloud service management level easily.

SKC helps users easily build power Cloud "Fast Cloud", and is tightly integrated with IBM Premium Cloud to easily upgrade.

At present, SKC Fast cloud is basically applicable to most user environments, and the SKC function will continue to be enriched with the increasing demand for users.

ZDNet Chinese community: Valley Teacher, what can I do to help users save steps when deploying virtualization on a server based on the SKC solution, and how do you manage the power and x86 servers?

Gu Jian: SKC is at the top of the power cloud three layer architecture, the first layer is the virtual layer, the second layer is the system resource pool layer, and the third layer is the cloud service management layer of the SKC implementation. SKC based on the next two layers, easy to help users save the deployment of virtual machines cumbersome steps to achieve standardization, automation, dynamic resource management and so on.

ZDNet Chinese Community: How does SKC manage heterogeneous storage environments? What are the strengths of global management of the overall infrastructure? This problem may not only be true for SKC, it also includes the entire power cloud level.

Gu Jian: SKC is a very important part of the full power cloud, SKC for storage management is power cloud for storage management. Power cloud enables heterogeneous storage through storage cloud, such as SVC, to build a complete cloud architecture for users, including computing resources and storage resources.

ZDNet Chinese community: Valley Teacher, SKC in addition to supporting VMware virtual machines and POWERVM, what kind of support for third-party virtual machines such as KVM? How does this condom help users migrate from virtualization to the cloud? Why is that a fast cloud?

Gu Jian: SKC is a cross-platform, fast cloud service management software that provides seamless support not only for the power platform, but also for x86 and even z that users already have. SKC for x86 KVM with power integration support, unified deployment engine, unified management interface), said SKC is a fast cloud, mainly because it can be based on the user's existing environment, the shortest possible time to achieve full power cloud services. For example, if the user powercloud the 12th level of the three-tier architecture is ready, the SKC deployment is in minutes.

ZDNet Chinese community: For users, many virtual machine management is a big problem, SKC Suite in the virtual machine image file (template) management, what is the characteristics of the unified management of virtual machines and physical machines?

Gu Jian: With the increase of virtual machine, user's management is more and more difficult, need good management tool to realize the management of virtual machine, SKC virtual machine image Management is realized through the second Layer Vmcontrol system resource pool.

System image capture and rapid deployment can be easily implemented in the system resource pool.

ZDNet Chinese community: As far as we know, SKC was developed at home, so what is its support for power cloud in the design of Chinese users?

Gu Jian: Yes, SKC prototype is from the needs of our Chinese users, developed by the domestic development team, and finally achieved global release, in all countries worldwide sales, so the development and support of this product is China's local realization, for our Chinese users is very great gospel, Can give our Chinese users with the quickest response and support.

How does the Zhangjian imest:ibm SKC Suite help users deploy the cloud quickly?

Gu Jian: SKC Suite is the third level of power cloud, as long as the user completes the first step of virtualization, the second step of the system resource pool, SKC can help users realize the fastest speed cloud service management Deployment This is also the SKC and even power cloud different from other friends of the place, power Cloud provides users with a practical, step-by-step approach to cloud computing based on existing build architectures.

TAOTAO_VOC: Where do you start with cloud computing?

Gu Jian: For the vast majority of enterprise users, virtualization is the basis for cloud computing, virtualization implementation of the application and hardware decoupling, so the first step is to realize the virtualization of IT resources.

ZDNet Chinese Community: What is the status of the application of SKC kits in China for half a year? How is the foreign application progressing? What benefits do you bring to your customers?

Gu Jian: IBM Power Cloud has been launched for nearly three years, and many users have built the power cloud infrastructure, led by the Power cloud architecture, and SKC to help users step into the final threshold of cloud computing, Implement cloud services management on the built power cloud infrastructure.

With the advent of cloud computing, our users are increasingly concerned about how to easily realize the benefits of cloud computing on existing architectures, and power cloud is helping users achieve the benefits of cloud computing based on existing architectures and minimal costs.

ZDNet Chinese community: Valley Teacher, when contacting business users, we find that they care about the cost and return on investment. So how long does it take the user to deploy the SKC suite on average? How many partners does IBM currently have to help users implement SKC?

Because of the economic environment and the need for enterprise cost control, users are very concerned about the return on investment, which is why the enterprise users will not consider overturning the existing architecture, the overall new cloud computing. But can be based on the user's existing IT architecture, to achieve a smooth upgrade, into the cloud architecture, the implementation of cloud services.

Hubei man: Deployment to the proceeds, the process, need to consider the problem is quite a lot ah.

Gu Jian: Yes, cloud computing on the one hand is the implementation of it technology, more important is to bring business innovation, so SKC from the beginning is to build an open ecosystem, and our partners to work together, SKC provide basic cloud management platform, ISV partners based on SKC integration of user business needs, business innovation, Provides a customized cloud platform for users.

ZDNet Chinese Community: SKC enables enterprises to have primary cloud service management capabilities, and what systems do users need to deploy if they want to further enhance cloud management capabilities?

Gu Jian: As I mentioned earlier, SKC is a very important part of the power cloud this is where SKC and even power cloud differentiate from other friends, and power cloud provides users with a practical, step-by-step approach to cloud computing based on the existing build architecture.

SKC is the fast cloud portion of the power cloud, and if users have further requirements and have greater input, they can continue to build power cloud premium cloud over SKC, which is provided by IBM ISDM.

ZDNet Chinese community: Ms. Gu, IBM has a number of concepts, including Smart computing,smartcloud,power Cloud, and so on, to help comb a line, if you want to know SKC and power Cloud, you need to know what concepts?

Gu Jian: Power Cloud Build path is very clear, first to achieve the first step of virtualization, which many of our users have been implemented or are being implemented. After virtualization, the second step is to build a system resource pool, to achieve unified management of resources, unified scheduling, on demand, automatic deployment, system resource pool is the key to achieve cloud computing, the need for IT system construction and operation and maintenance of a series of changes in management. The system resource pool constructs completes, then enters the third level, the cloud service management, this is our SKC for the user to provide the function, therefore, constructs the power cloud is a gradual, step-by-step realization.

Big genius haha 2: Without new hardware, how do you use existing systems to migrate business to the cloud computing platform? SKC How to do, no relevant technical documentation?

Gu Jian: As long as your system is a POWER5/6/7 system, you only need to upgrade the configuration POWERVM Enterprise version/vmcontrol Enterprise version/SKC can enable the system to join the power cloud platform.

In order to ensure the smooth implementation of the user Power Cloud, IBM launched the Powercare service to fully promote the cloud implementation. Power in the cloud computing infrastructure with industry-leading technology, rich case and strong support system, through the Powercare to show users, to help users understand, implement and optimize the basic cloud.

Big genius haha 2: Which industry is suitable for SKC?

Gu Jian: SKC is an important part of power cloud, so as long as there is power, the industry that can build power cloud is applicable

_ Gd_: SKC Kit and market similar products and the difference between the advantages there?

Gu Jian: SKC advantage on the one hand, it is based on the power of cloud services management, power is the advantage of the SKC, on the other hand, SKC is an open platform, it provides our ISV partners more space to help users achieve customized cloud service capabilities.

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