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Spent one weeks on the current grassroots web site profit model to do a summary of the following mainly:

1, operating news information, earning news guidance and flow of money.

2, business information, such as the Yellow Pages model, enterprise classification information Model, the World Manager network model, to the information publishers charge.

3, business spirit products, such as novels, professional papers, to the reader fees.

4, business information intermediary, such as Baidu, Google and other search engines, to the commercial information publishers charge.

5, operating experience products, such as online games, video, entertainment gossip, to earn product users and advertising ads money.

6, provide information to download, such as ringtones, movies, MP3, to the information users charge.

7, operating a commercial exchange (intercourse) platform, such as Business-to-business, Business-to-consumer, Consumer-to-consumer website, to the seller charges.

8, business ideas Exchange platform, such as a variety of blogs, forums of the website, to earn the money advertising spots.

9, operating a personal exchange platform, a variety of dating networks, clubs, fraternity, earn membership fees, as well as offline activities fees.

10, for individual users to provide services, such as IM QQ, mailbox 126, to earn advertising spots and value-added services money.

11, operating individual users of technical products, including software, hardware, to earn personal buyers and manufacturers of money.

12, to provide enterprises with technical products and solutions, to earn technical products and the full case of the money service.

13, the Pure advertisement net, individual user clicks also will have the reward, earns the advertisement publisher's money, for example earns the passenger net.

14, business intelligence products, such as Granville Guest, wiki, consultants, training, to the wisdom of the user fees.

There is a recent comparison of the fire of the Granville website, through to the tenderer (unit or individual) to collect the amount of the tender amounts of the site's revenue. But sometimes it feels like it can be classified as a consumer-to-consumer or a model.

The internet is a world of splendor, with Microsoft funding 240 million of billions of dollars to buy a stake in facebook1.6%, the nation's second-largest social-networking site, which has soared to $15 billion trillion, with Facebook's market capitalisation climbing, Web2.0 of the heat gradually set off, unavoidably look back at the domestic internet industry to imitate, Facebook's copycat network in the appearance and ideas have also learned to take a look, but whether the perfect combination with the Chinese market is still unknown, the school network to high schools and white-collar extended strategy on the campus is the disaster is a blessing? In addition, Wang domestic network "from the school to the home, to prepare for graduation" loud slogans, whether to shout the school's morale instability, panic, all this shows that the website development model: The survival of the fittest, copying foreign successful web development model in China can not be equated with success.

Alibaba in Hong Kong's successful listing, so that the domestic internet industry more restless, especially for the business-to-business industry is a huge impact, whether replication of domestic success model in the domestic market environment can also be successful?

The development model of the website must adapt to the specific market environment in order to achieve success, this can be referred to the online September this year, Yiwu China Commodity City Network, the site and Alibaba is different from the place in its inception in the beginning of Yiwu international trade city and other solid market support, at the same time has more than 50,000 mature supplier customer groups, and focus on the small commodity industry, specializing in online small commodity wholesale market, in the analysis of the site, you can see this small commodity industry business-to-business website, currently just stay in commodity products display and supply and demand information release platform, it and Alibaba this mature E-commerce platform in the function of a large gap, There is no perfect payment system and credit evaluation system, but this is because of its market environment decision, Alibaba's user groups are a certain network marketing awareness of enterprises, they carry out network marketing, online payment, etc. have a high ability to accept and apply capacity, Yiwu Small Commodity City Network customer groups are concentrated in the small commodity area of SMEs, there is a large part of the family workshop-style transformation developed, with strong local flavor, so overall on the online intangible market and network Marketing awareness is far inferior to Alibaba's user groups, they even upload product picture products, Not familiar with the basic operation of product description, network concept is very vague, this time the introduction of full-featured business platform will hinder the site user experience, online payments and other functions will also have doubts about the attitude, small commodity nets grasp the characteristics of the market, the use of their own development model, In the prophase of the user's cultivation and guidance for the development of a solid foundation, customer group quality and network application level determines the current development strategy and thinking of commodity network, in the early stage of customer training, customer level is improved, and its development strategy will be made corresponding adjustments, The functions of the website will be richer to meet the needs of the development.

If you blindly imitate the domestic, outside the successful development of the web model, ignoring its own market environment and industry situation, it will be difficult to achieve breakthroughs in the hope that the network can learn from Facebook on the basis of the road out of Chinese characteristics, but also hope that domestic business-to-business do not blindly imitate Ali mode, combined with industry market conditions, Taking the characteristic development route is a new thinking of exploiting the blue sea market.

Internet web site's heavy floating, do not explain a truth "Web development Model: The Survival of the fittest", blindly follow the copycat is not find a way out.

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