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& ">nbsp; SEO optimization is a time-consuming and laborious work, the efficiency and methods of work directly related to the success of optimization, most of the webmaster due to just contact with SEO so for many of the details of the optimization not enough attention, in fact, the optimization of the technical content is not high sometimes the victory or defeat of these neglected details of the decision The following old Xu will give you a summary of the more important details for your reference.

First, the application of the label, the construction of the earlier station easy to appear this problem, at that time, the optimization of knowledge is not very popular, according to my observation of this category of sites are only the title tag, and no keyword tags and description tags, in this network competition in such a fierce environment, A keyword is likely to determine the survival of a site, and these labels if seriously use words can fuse a lot of long tail words, enhance the competitiveness of the site, even if the site updates the snapshot will be indexed some to the description, with the content of the update and snapshot of the transformation, the keyword at any time in the change stay also can't stay, For example This station description blends a lot of long tail keyword and all have rank, can make use of must not pass.

Second, the content of the false original, this is a lot of primary webmaster often make mistakes, do station update content is really very tiring live, but this is the search engine to judge whether you are serious about the site, a lot of content collection does not make changes, will give the search engine left very bad impression, search engine most value original, There is some webmaster think that the title changed can muddle through, the search engine will not be so stupid, generally through the content and title that is the content will be compared to update a false original is also better than collected.

Third, the maintenance of links, links can enhance the weight of each other, improve the keyword ranking, although there are many benefits, but not often maintenance, friendship connection is not a small harm, do not what kind of friendship links are changed, first of all to verify the other side of the site is normal, export links are too many, links more than 50 of the , because you can not be divided into what weight, last time I have a person to change the link, I saw more than 180 also claimed and he can be divided into the weight, he certainly said so, if the other side of the link more station I think he may not be willing to change it. Regular check links, remove by K or down the right of the station, good ranking by the friendship drag and fall is too unfair.

Four, site map, this is mainly for Google, a lot of sites have no site map, the impact on Baidu I personally feel smaller, and Baidu does not need us to submit maps, in Google Administrator tools can submit Sitemap Map, we certainly used webmaster tools, Google's collection is significantly worse than Baidu, but generated a sitemap, the results are very different, For example,, Google's collection of more than Baidu, set up Sitemap is to make Google index convenient, you may have questions why your station submitted Sitemap after Google is still very small, mainly because you submitted the time is not very long, not you submitted Google will be included immediately, these are required when Between, I stood for half a year to show a lot of Google, so be patient.

Five, content fonts are not uniform, we update the site will be copied from other related sites, but because of different styles and other reasons will find that the article font color and its own site is different, this time to adjust the font color and size, and some webmaster think irrelevant, do you want to do garbage station? Good user experience to retain users, although SEO can bring users, but also need us to retain users.

Source: Hebei old Xu Seo training
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