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Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall

Recently has been studying Taobao guest, a bit late, hehe, think as long as to find a partial door (beauty competition small) In fact, there is still a lot of profit space, SEO may wish to try, now involves doing station problem, a site is too small, only in groups of time to be competitive, Whether from the ease of optimization or later benefits are a good choice, if we connect the station group will cause the same IP situation, Baidu ... was resolutely opposed (of course he opposed the result is very simple, haha), then we have to find a compromise method: Two class domain name socialization, this concept is also in other bloggers to obtain the article (specific is which blogger is not clear, please that SEO pardon ha)

The so-called two-class domain name socialization is that we in the process of SEO in order to avoid the site because of the same IP interconnection and the practice of the search engine punishment, the premise is that our domain name has been filed, you can bind the level two domain name to any IP (including domestic)

Next we need to find free space (that stable, slow, it doesn't matter. And we also need a stable fast space to the decision station, with these free space on the station to push our main station, these stations to connect each other, the power of the big is conceivable, during the connection to send together, do not worry about being K, This will not be a problem, make full use of Baidu space and Baidu know, Baidu Bar, such as Baidu's own things, if you have the time to do Baidu's library, is also good, so the power will be infinite after a few months, if you have a PR (perhaps improper means to get, this does not matter) can also be some connection to the point of Gaga ~ ~

The initial structure of a station group came out, of course, the update is also a very annoying thing! You should pay attention to SEO. Today I think if I see my blog friends can communicate: (Changchun seo: Cactus blog)

PS: Some people will ask me, you share your experience with others learned that this method is not quickly ineffective?

A: SEO is the most important thing is the implementation of the Force! There are a lot of key points to see the executive force, I am sure that the person who read this article 100 can have a person to carry out the good ...

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