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Since 21st century, the rapid development and popularization of the network, so that more and more people engaged in the Internet, and to the webmaster industry more and more people, but can persist, especially " > Personal webmaster, very few.

Webmaster This circle said big not, the novel is also not small, in the rapid development of the Internet today, the site is also increasing, webmaster also in the growth, but more and more personal webmaster to failure, a website without characteristics, no style, did not do a good job of website promotion, there is no income, resulting in the end. As a personal webmaster friends, are coming from a part-time, no one started directly as a webmaster, this will even the source of the economy will be problematic. The site is not a day or two days will be able to have results, like a business, just the beginning of one or two people? And then slowly recruit, slowly bigger?
So to do the webmaster to do a good job of psychological preparation, ready to adhere to the perseverance, this as a habit, so insist on only hope.

The time of the stationmaster's outlet

No longer like the original network era, do not fantasy navigation station, such as hao123,114la,2345, and so on, the Times changed, navigation standing today, the future will be slowly discarded? Believe that more and more people have fallen in love with the search engine, nothing will be Baidu, which has made users become accustomed to, rely on. In the early days of the network, you casually apply for a domain name, to do a website, adhere to today, then you will become the man of the day, like Hao123, from the early days of the network to today's achievements, and eventually Baidu to buy a huge amount of money, Baidu does not value the navigation station marketing model It's about getting the company to go public. So we have to recognize reality.

The change of stationmaster's outlet

We have to think of a different way of thinking, more and more sites, but a variety of sites have, comprehensive category, business class, online shopping, entertainment, etc., these sites require a large number of human, material, financial resources, but also need to spend a lot of time, for personal webmaster is not very realistic, so we can choose a certain direction, make it fine, This will be the development.

The way to make money

First, the site has traffic, want to make money is not easy, now personal webmaster One of the ways to make money: the choice of advertising alliances, although the domestic Advertising alliance, but the flow of money into the conversion rate is too low, good faith and poor, the original income is not much, but also often exploited by the advertising Second: Concentrate on doing their own products and services, for most personal webmaster, of which a small portion of the traffic can be done very large, can earn advertising fees, can also be raised to sell. But more than most websites, if there is not enough traffic to earn advertising fees. Then you should consider this: the way to make money can not escape the three categories: selling services, selling products, investment.

The following author suggests a few points:

First, do not believe what consulting experts and consulting companies say, they are to make money, in fact they are network idiots.

Second, it's good to have someone to invest in, but remember not to do things to listen to investors, their words may not be good.

Third, the real need is to look down and see what the people who are least likely to use the internet need.

Four, always remember, the Internet no matter how thorough the development, in the network is always the rookie, do not think the rookie will grow up as a veteran, most people, everyone can in their own field has a very professional achievements, but they are not all need to be familiar with and master the application of the network. Do you expect a medical professor to learn how to analyze a virus in a machine?

The short-term benefits will completely destroy a mature application.

Faith, persistence, and even paranoia are all right, these are all elements of success, but remember not to use faith against the facts.

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