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It is known to do the Web site to do traffic, do traffic must do two optimization, search engine optimization, the so-called SEO, there is a user experience optimization. The vast majority of Web site traffic source is the search engine, which is mainly Baidu, the market share of nearly 80%, then Google, Sogou,soso and other search engines. The amount of traffic that the search engine gives you station is decided according to the weight of your station. Many people talk about weight is often the concept of SEO, as if the weight is SEO. In fact, I think not only to do SEO, more important is to do user experience optimization. I do two years, do a lot of rubbish station, basically is rely on Baidu to flow, most stations have a life cycle, refuse station from birth to death only a few months time. Therefore, I have learned that the station should not only from the angle of SEO to do weights, but also from the user's point of view to do weights. In fact, in a way, the two are unified, as the search engine officials often say, users like the station search engine also like. So what are the main factors that affect the weight of the site? I will simply say, although not comprehensive, but the main I think should also be mentioned. Ça。

A content

Content for the King, I believe you have heard this sentence. But listen to may not be able to understand, understand not to understand the thoroughly? I asked you what is the content of the king? Maybe you will say, the old birds have said to do the station to do SEO will be original, original is the content of the king. In fact, such an understanding is one-sided. You should stand on the user's point of view. What content do you want your website to provide to users and what is valuable? What should you do with your personal or team power? believe that a lot of stationmaster is individual stationmaster, individual energy and ability is limited? With your limited time and energy how do you provide users with valuable content? That's one of the determinants of weight, My understanding is that if you want to provide users with valuable content, you must first become an expert. This is the old webmaster often said, do not do the station big and pan, to do fine small. This is a highly divided society, the development of the law also decided that the individual in the market competition, you must choose a niche market that you are good at. Do this small vertical industry content, to provide users with professional information, you will get the weight. From the user to get the weight, naturally will get the weight from the search engine.

Two SEO within the chain

SEO This word we talk a lot, every day to talk, see every day, and even have research experts all day to study what SEO, what Baidu Law. And then make the class to earn the novice money. I don't think it's necessary for beginners to spend the money. Want to know what SEO is, study Baidu Encyclopedia, or Wikipedia, find their aspects, you do it. Other SEO tips do not learn. I want to say is inside the chain, the inside chain does good station have what? Baidu Encyclopedia and Wikipedia are examples. The essence of the Internet is a link, you do a very strong professional station, the inside of the chain, the professional content within the scope of all the keywords to do a good job in the chain, the weight of your site will be greatly improved. From the user's point of view, doing well within the chain also helps users find relevant information. Provide a user experience.

Three outside the chain of SEO

I put out a chain example in the third, actually, with my experience. In SEO, the impact of the site weight of the link this factor, the role of the chain this factor to account for 70%, within the chain of factors to account for 30% (of course, this percentage is my blind, inaccurate, I just used to explain who the Lord who The Times). When it comes to the chain, to make clear, the chain of species, to obtain the means of outside the chain, these several problems. Now the situation is that most webmaster's site's main outside the chain is the release of their own. Means nothing more than the release of soft, such as writing articles to A5, the article left your site, the audit passed, there will be a large number of reprint, bring the chain. Blog Group Building, forum signature, classified information website send information, Friendship link exchange, purchase links and so on means, which means the quality of the chain, to bring you higher weight station. Respect from a principle, from the high weight of the site to the link, and related content to the quality of the chain, the more difficult to get the quality of the chain, the higher the super easy to get lower.

In fact, from a certain point of view, if your station do very single-minded very good, your station must be recommended by users, articles are reproduced, the chain will naturally grow. Do not have their own daily forum posts what their own chain, such as SEO every day a paste of the author Zac, he did not do so, but he that station weight is very high, the number of chain outside. What's the reason? SEO related articles to write good Bai, webmaster spontaneous to him with outside the chain.

The updating and writing of the content of four articles

The last point, 4th, is back to the content. The first is the frequency of updates. Articles to be updated frequently, and the content to be related to your station, such as your skin care station, you should first write about skin care knowledge, do not write any film review Ah, entertainment ah, entrepreneurship Ah, essays ah such unrelated things. And to update regularly, this is conducive to user experience, but also conducive to search engines. Help to improve the weight. Second, I want to talk about the writing of the article notes. Write articles, you are original or False or original. Try not to collect, of course, not to say can not copy articles, the article can be copied, but not much, although copied the article is more important, as long as the proportion of all articles small, but also useful to users. I think there is no adverse effect on the search engine. Article title must write good keywords, and the content of the article also have to appear several times the keyword, it is said that the keyword to appear in the beginning of the article, the middle, the end three or four times better. Of course, how many times it is advisable to see the length of the article. Like false original friends, pseudo original is best to have a pseudo sample text, according to that format.

Factors that affect the weight of the site, of course, more than that. For example, the stability of the Web server, the structure of the site. These I do not speak, rent a good server stability is very important, the site structure, now a lot of ready-made procedures like dedecms,wordpress do very good very standard. There is no need to say more. Some of the experiences I've summarized above. Say a bunch of nonsense, but I hope that novice friends can ignore so many words, the main key words in my article put forward, and then think about it, so you can really understand what is the weight. This article author: to Blackhead net stationmaster feeds.

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