Talk about viral marketing: I was sent by HP to Brain cripple you?!

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Recently, on Sina Weibo saw a video of a brain residue, a girl in the street openly in the streets mad like crazy smoke?! Is it what should not be eaten, or what should not be in the evil.

Dragged to the last look, incredibly is an HP advertisement, My Computer, my stage, the street as their own stage this can understand, but, this and computer have what inevitable connection? The most deadly is the video of their own people are very uncomfortable, like "copy Fever" in the book written in the gun ads, completely belong to find the type of advertising.

But to find smoke is not original smoke, see Matt Harding that stage, although also ordinary people dance, but can bring is fun, so, even if the cottage also want to cottage to be lovable, not corrupt taste.

Matt Harding This case is special, I think it can be as a virus and advertising to fuse a better model, because the virus 8630.html "" and sometimes very damaging brand, but the brand advertising sometimes too boring, not exciting.

I don't know if it's Matt Harding's red, Visa has intervened, but Visa is the most discerning advertiser who can bring value to his brand. We often say that when new marketing, users create content, but often the so-called users do not really understand the brand, unless the loyalty of the fans are very high. So many times the content created is imperfect semi-finished products. (semi-finished products certainly have its value, but if it is not directed to the brand, it is the cart before the horse).

I believe advertisers often believe that users do not create the most exciting content, because that is an uncertain factor, just as customers do not use viral marketing as the biggest bet for a full-year advertising budget. The user creates the content as well as the advertisement company Creation virus is may encounter but cannot ask. But sometimes, the use of their own semi-finished products to create, but also a shortcut.

Visa's Matt Harding dance case is like this. But can you say it's plagiarism? This is the brand's vision, brand attitude. And HP's imitation of the road, can bring to the brand how much value, I think should play a big question mark!

Matt Harding Dancing 2005

Matt Harding dancing 2006Matt Harding dancing 2008Visa ad dancing Matt Hong Kong edition

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