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After the weekend to see Hayao Miyazaki's "Goodbye Safflower", was hand 嶌 Kwai a "Farewell to Summer" thoroughly conquered, listen to an afternoon is not enjoyable, conveniently in the QQ music to find and share the micro-trust friends Circle, attracted a bunch of friends praise. Open QQ space, found a lot of students with the latest watermark camera to bask in the scenery, sun, sun food. Open Tencent Weibo, all over the news events at a glance, conveniently forwarding a search for relatives of micro-blog, the hearts of blessing, hoping to get lost family early reunion.

In an era where sharing is ubiquitous, sharing buttons can be seen everywhere. However, what causes me to think is whether the user will share the button on the website application. There are so many sites and applications with the sharing button, why some sites and applications to share more people and some content to share less people? What are the motivations for user sharing?

Before thinking about the sharing behavior of users on the Internet, we can think about the sharing behavior of people in real life. Before the advent of the Internet, the most common channel we shared was at the table, the family eating and sharing the day's experience; The most common people are people close to me, relatives, neighbors, classmates, colleagues and so on.

The act of sharing, which has existed since ancient times, can be said to be inherent in human nature. How to understand the "innate" and "nature"? Darwin in the "human and animal expression" is mentioned in a very interesting thing, that is why people born with fear of psychology? Because primitive humans live in a perilous environment, precarious, against snakes, tigers, The fear of animals such as lions can make it possible for humans to stay away from them autonomously, thus being able to live better in the world. The screams that people naturally emit when they are afraid can be interpreted as an alarm to warn their peers or send out help to their peers. This act of fear, like branding, exists in our genes and becomes our innate ability. And the dangers of electricity are also very high, why do children not realize fear when they insert their fingers in the socket? Darwin's explanation is that electricity is something that has been around for hundreds of years, and the human brain has not yet formed an instinctive fear of electricity. So I think, in the primitive society, tell companions where there can hunger of wild berries, where more dangerous, everyone's information sharing is more conducive to ethnic groups in the natural environment of survival, so can understand why sharing behavior is a "innate" behavior.


If you want to talk about the motivation of user sharing, I think can be summed up in the following aspects:

First of all, user sharing, in a way, is a display of self behavior. Zhangxiaolong, Weibo is essentially a place where users build another ego. The "I" I saw on Weibo is the best photo I've taken (so the Tu Shu scholar likes it); I share my own cooking to illustrate my virtuous. Basically you can be in a person's space log, Weibo, friend Circle can probably learn what kind of person he is, at least he wants to show you that he. For example, I picked a person's diary in QQ friends, intercepted out in the training class let everyone guess. By the keywords in the journal title, we quickly guessed who this person was. Like "Jobs", "Product manager", "Facebook", "Sina Weibo" These keywords can reveal a person's career, and "Rolling Stone 30" and other keywords, such as the implied age, is to share clothes or share the car is more representative of the gender.

Secondly, sharing is to maintain more interpersonal circle. I chose a photo-sharing that was most frequently answered in Renren, it is a wonderful travel photo, 107 photos, 26 Friends of 104 comments (not including my own), which is shocking is the role of these 26 people from kindergarten, primary, middle school, High school, university, Graduate students have been covered by current colleagues. I classify these 26 people in terms of familiarity, and those who have been contacted individually for a year are familiar, not individually contacted (in fact, many have not been contacted for many years) and found that 69% are unfamiliar. A simple sharing, even let me and I have not seen more than 10 years of kindergarten students have interacted.


In recent years, many colleagues in the microblog share of the news that Fujian's nearly 40 tons of dead pork had gone to Guangdong and other regions, and I have not eaten pork since I saw this information. Such information is valuable to us, just as the original person shared the same information about where the wild berries were, and where they were more dangerous. and playful content, it is also often appear in the QQ group or space and other social channels, interesting content to let people relax, happy. So sharing, sometimes, is also because I think that information is useful to those who are being shared, to the value of knowledge, or to be happy. For example, I see my space, a classmate will be a piece of the recipe can treat rhinitis @ a friend of his, I think his friend must be in for rhinitis and distress it.


Sharing information is sometimes not necessarily valuable, but it is also an expression of emotion. A beautiful daughter to share the photo out, the son will be called Dad wrote a feeling, the home of the doggy people Meow people to make what people laugh, share out let everyone relaxed smile. Which government agency's service experience is extremely poor, sends the micro-blog to denounce. Go to a hospital to see the service attitude of the Super poor doctor, affixed to the circle of friends vent. Happy time to let everyone know that I am happy, for my blessings, when not happy to let everyone know I am not happy, eager to be comforted.


"Failure to prepare means to fail", "The great enterprise not only provides good products and services, but also should make the society around us better", "Stay hungry,stay foolish", we share these because we think these are right.

Sharing behavior is human nature, each user in the content of the time will be in mind a lot of, this content is consistent with other people's impression of me, I share to that Ta,ta will feel interesting? The content that I share, can get a lot of people's attention and reply? I met a bad thing and needed to spit by sharing. This is a very good point, I want to support him. When we understand the motivation of user sharing, we can better guide users to share through some practices.

When users share content, what they crave is the interaction of others. Why would users be willing to share if you let users share the content simply by publicizing your application or website? So help users to do social activities as much as possible, not just advertise your brand. The United States Mito in the promotion of the brand, did a large number of interesting test class application (, input name can predict my dream tonight, predicted that I will dream of the naked running around the world tonight! The brand of beauty Mito in such fun and interesting interaction, deeply branded in the hearts of people.


If possible, let the user share something interesting. Recently popular is to share Alipay personal Annual statement, my annual expenditure in Shenzhen ranked more than 90% people, my consumption attitude is, personality, quality, literature, experience home. I like to pay at about 23:00 in the evening, I enjoy the leisurely life ... A piece of my consumption style page, immediately attracted me to forward to the microblog. Fun content makes people happy, and sharing happiness is a wonderful thing!

To provide users with a variety of sharing channels. Because different sharing channels are suitable for different sharing scenes. To share the QQ and QQ space differences for example. Share to QQ, more time is to create a topic to discuss and communication, whether it is to share QQ friends or QQ Group, this interaction is instantaneous, the share is sure to be able to see the information you share, the object is a few and certain, but also private. To share the space is to show the information on a personal homepage, the shared object is numerous and uncertain, the interaction with friends is asynchronous, and is open. For example, I bought on Taobao a set of their favorite underwear, this information if published out of the public will certainly attract friends bursts of reverie. But users can choose to share on the QQ to their girlfriends, this private sharing will fully protect the user's privacy. For a group like mom, I would like to share this channel with the group. Because I found that every mother girl around me would basically join a group of women who had a strong desire to share some of the experiences of pregnancy or parenting into their group.


Share content as concise as possible, the picture more attractive than the user's eye, let the user think your content is credible they will go to share; If you are doing a very big promotion, tell the user the deadline, because the urgency will facilitate the flow of information. These methods can help you effectively guide your users to share behaviors. Another need to add is, do not map a benefit to allow users to do a one-time share, to make the content attractive, let a user share content, to attract the next user to do more sharing. Such sharing is the quality of sharing.

Finally, before the end of the article, I would like to use a real story to tell the importance of sharing ability for Internet sites or applications. Last month I had a massage because of cervical fatigue, a 20-year-old young girl. When there is nothing to do during the massage, chat with the masseuse and discuss what Internet products she uses. Ask her a question during the period, do you know what beauty says? She said she knew. I asked her how do you know beautiful said, is downloading her application? She said no, it is in the QQ space to see, because a friend of hers to share the beautiful said on a piece of clothing. At that time, I suddenly realized the importance of sharing for Internet products, because this massage teacher Diploma in college, I will not download mobile applications, all of the applications are people who know how to download the help of colleagues. I want to beautiful said that spend more money in the application market advertising, probably also contact with this type of application will not download the small white users, and we should know that such users are not a few. And like QQ,QQ space such a platform, because already has a huge user base, like a hand has been put to the user. Third-party Internet products as long as through sharing, push content to these platforms, can reach countless like this massage division of the vast user base.

I think that's the magic of sharing.

The author introduces: Chloezhu, Tencent product Manager, has the ideal love thinking, has been responsible for enterprise QQ, QQ Analysys, q+ and other products planning and operation, is responsible for QQ interconnection capacity building and product operation. Weibo concerns: @chloezhu @qq Internet @ Mobile QQ; micro-letter from Media public account: chloe0513

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