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Recently to do a campus website, today summed up and finishing the relevant experience, so the so-called "whim", spend some time to write an article, hoping to communicate with you new people, get the support of webmaster friends. The number of Chinese universities is huge, the number of people, according to a variety of survey data shows that the domestic university students ideological exchange is a large part of their own university BBS, which fully illustrates the importance of university Campus forum, and a good university forum how to build it? based on my own experience and experiences, Synthesize a variety of previously collected information to write this post, hope to be able to communicate.

What is a university forum

Peking University has its own forum for the north, the Chinese people have their own walnut forum, the University Forum is the university by the official or civil operation of the website, generally through the membership system for ideological exchange, professional exchange, life exchange, students and teachers as the main body of a communication platform, a thought center. According to different types of universities, not the same kind of colleges and universities are generally different, similar institutions are roughly the same, but each has its own characteristics, which is based on its school resources, advantages, talent training, academic, cultural exchanges, and other comprehensive factors decided.

General Analysis of University Forum

If the University forum is well built, it will have a very big impact on its own school, even in the same kind, not the same kind will resonate, such as the Beijing University Forum, the China University of Communication Forum, Tsinghua University, are all universities in the country have a very good impression.

Universities can be divided into: literature and art, science and technology, comprehensive category, the arts, Professional category;

Confucius said: Three people do, there will be my teacher. I think, a university forum, has surpassed three people, so will become such a very good platform, become a student and student, student and teacher, teacher and teacher interaction platform.

General orientation of University Forum

The first thing you want to solve is:

What is the specific role of the University forum?

Provide a platform for students to express their views. Second, can make better suggestions for the school. Third, to provide a nostalgic place for graduates. Four, for some angry green to provide vent platform. Five, show the face of the school. Six, provide students with services and information. Seven, FTP and other resources download. Eight, professional exchange, nine, leisure and entertainment. The place to satisfy their inner needs ...

Then get the above conclusions, we can locate, generally speaking, positioning: specificity, simplicity, features are preferred; This is based on the current style of many university forums. The rest is a concrete analysis.

First of all, according to the Forum positioning needs for collation, classification, the formation of the site column tree-like List used to express the structure of the site, the layout of the program requirements written in detail, specific for the best.

First, column overview, including column positioning, column purposes, service to the image, sub-column settings, home content, pagination content!

Second, column details

Third, the relevant column, this is to illustrate the column and other columns of the combination of communication, the reason to have this is to be through the links between the columns to enhance the integrity of the site, coordination, unity.

General Construction of University Forum

The function characteristic localization

II. Technical Solutions

Iii. cost budget of the forum

Iv. Content Implementation Methods

V. Forum Web Design

Vi. Preliminary test of the forum

Vii. Post-Forum Maintenance

Viii. Forum launches promotion

University Forum website Planning

The function characteristic localization

I'm not going to say that anymore.

II. Technical Solutions

According to the functions of our forum to determine the site technology solutions.

1, the use of self-built server, or leasing virtual host (official Forum General School will provide, the private forum school may also provide, or the founder of their own ways, the proposal may fight for school support, this is not a joke AH).

2, select the operating system, with Windows XP or Vista. Analyze input cost, function, development, stability and security. Generally XP, because now most of the domestic users are XP.

3, the use of template self-help station, build station packages or personalized development, this needs to see their own strength, now a large part of the development of their own, but is a template for many cases.

4, website security measures, anti-black, anti-virus program (this needs to study well, in case of problems, can be difficult to do).

5, choose what kind of dynamic program and the corresponding database. such as program ASP, JSP, PHP, database SQL, ACCESS, Oracle and so on.

Iii. cost budget of the forum

1, preliminary budget: Host, server, computer equipment, software, personnel maintenance, publicity, all kinds of document printing, network fees and other comprehensive decisions.

Iv. Content Implementation Methods

Dynamic program database or static page, which needs to see the characteristics of your forum services, audience, is the school or Off-campus, hardware and software strength, comprehensive determination.

V. Forum Web Design

1, first said home: Home is very important, is directly into the forum or enter a login system, and so on, which is very important, the general situation is directly into the forum, in the forum directly login;

2, column design: Body in the campus memory, food in the Community temple, campus information campus Jump Sao, freshman consultation) together with the progress (Hardware school, Software Academy, photographic photography, professional forum) recreation Area (audio and video pictures, game lecture, star rain Strange words, funny humor,) lifelong master (bachelor Party, Love winner, West window shears bamboo) Big Kan Special edition (glib, Chishing talk, sports,) Download Center (software download), the Community walk (students part-time, workplace training, wide and reported) Forum Affairs Area (Forum Report, forum report, complaint proposal).

Video games (PS3 XBOX360 wii small partition) Palm machine game (NDS PSP small partition) computer game mobile game Campus DV, courseware notes, Media Vision, FTP services, campus film and television ...

These plates are often used, and can be based on the needs of their own campus, additional plate (sub column) to reduce the plate (sub column)

3, Landscaping, General University has a lot of PS and other software experts, then your forum technician is very important;

4, the establishment of the Web page revision plan, such as six months to a year time for large-scale revision, etc., this can be based on different forums, if your forum is not high, then it is necessary to develop.

5. Web Design Tools

1.dreamweaver, with HTML, ASP, JSP, PHP auxiliary tools, this is good, generally used Dreamweaver. This is good

2.PS software, general Web pages need to have pictures to match,

3.FW like PS are image processing software, this is to see a personal favorite.

Six-Forum pre-test

Test content:

1, text, pictures whether there are errors.

2, test browser compatibility.

3, the link is wrong.

4, procedures and database testing.

All of these tests require every patient test to be sloppy.

Vii. Post-Forum Maintenance

1, server and related hardware and software maintenance, to the possible problems of assessment, to develop response time. (This is very important)

2, database maintenance, effective use of data is the site maintenance of important content, so the maintenance of the database should be valued.

3, the content of the update, adjustment and so on. (This is the blood of the Forum)

4, the establishment of relevant Web site maintenance provisions, the site maintenance of institutionalized, standardized, landscaping.

5, the confidentiality of members ' information, this is also careless.

Viii. Forum launches promotion

This will be introduced in the following plate, this is not much to say AH

Analysis on the characteristics of University forum

What is special? Then this will require you to analyze the characteristics of the school, to see what the students like the theme, the characteristics of the university, such as the characteristics of the University of China for the film and television media, Nanjing Aerospace College features for Aerospace, Beijing Film Academy features for the film, these are characteristics.

So it is very important to synthesize your own forum to create a team and its own hardware and software facilities to open up special columns.

University Forum Plate Design

Body on campus (campus memory, food in the Community temple, campus information campus jumping Sao, freshmen counseling) together (Hardware Academy, Software Academy, photographic Camera, professional forum) entertainment area (AV pictures, games, star rain, funny humor,) lifelong master (bachelor Party, love winner, west window shears bamboo) Big Kan Special (a glib, Chishing talk, sports,) Download Center (software download), the Community walk (students part-time, workplace training, widely,) Forum Services Area (Forum Report, forum report, complaint recommendations).

These plates are often used, and can be based on the needs of their own campus, additional plate (sub column) to reduce the plate (sub column)

For the plate design, I personally have the following suggestions:

Add these plates: bad messing up, gender issues, these are the current many students like, while in general the forum is relatively few. This is a very popular topic. Of course, in these plate design can be a lot of reference to other university campus forum, in the integration of their own forum.

University Forum Promotion

A person has a face, the tree has a skin, the face is not good-looking, the skin is not used, this depends on your propaganda, propaganda in place, everything looks good, everything is easy to use.

The campus forum for the promotion of the general has the following methods (my Chuzhou College forum is such a publicity

University Forum Outreach Programme

One, in other forums, such as Walnut Forest, Peking University Campus Forum, blog and other posts publicity

Exchange links with related websites

Iii. Distributing brochures in our school

The use of Community resources, in the activities of the Community, can carry out banners and other publicity.

If there is such a relationship, you can be in the school newspaper, news network, such as publicity.

Use the relationship to do an interview at our school or radio station.

Seven, can collect BBS blog.

Eight, the use of other people's Hot stickers

Nine, long paste short hair

The content should be controversial

Xi. advertising should be cleverly

12, with good head and signature

13, the quality of the posts required first

14, the use of the function

The appropriate top of their own stickers.

17, use their own contacts to promote and promote their registration, irrigation and so on.

16, if you can, you can print some related promotional clothing, posters publicity.

18, learn a little hype tips, send some more interesting topic.

19, the use of QQ group, such as mass message

20, the use of school nets, the general students have their own Nets blog, you can vote a lot, write some related content.

21: QQ and other Exchange tools nickname to "XX University Forum", and personalized signature address.

22, all the net friends can be in their own name after the XX University forum

23, as far as possible to invite teachers to the Forum guest.

24, the use of good schools to organize community students, etc. (can be their special section).

25, there is a point, if possible, can develop a set of school chat tools. This can increase the high popularity, if have this strength, perhaps your forum will be very formidable.

University Forum Statement

Finally finished, the original collation of all the information turned over again, one of the look, one of the careful summary, finally the University Campus Forum analysis finished. At the same time also hope that their own forum popular more and more high, the flow of the webmaster more and more high. Finally left me to do the University forum website: Hope and everyone a lot of exchanges.

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