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Seriously, now personal webmaster is really too difficult, on the one hand to see the face of the search engine, on the other hand to be the pressure of competitors, always trembling work, afraid of which day competitors more than their own, more afraid of the day search engine one unhappy on their own site down right, So for personal webmaster must learn to reduce the right of the site after the self-help method, the following is the author summed up the five kinds!

One: Identify deficiencies and correct

Change site keyword has a lot of webmaster have done, and some success, some unfortunately encountered the fuse, causing the Baidu to your site down right, at this time must not be able to panic, because found the disease, the treatment is very easy, must promptly correct the problem of correcting the key words, the keyword implementation down, we must insist on going to the black Of course, as long as you can insist, most can go to the bright place!

Second: Adhere to high-quality original article update

Content is important, this is the consensus of every webmaster, so when your site is down right, the content will often become one of your most important life-saving straw, at this time you want to adhere to as much as possible to update the original content of high-quality, as long as Baidu still send spiders crawling your site, then you must be able to break open the mist to be seen!

Three: Check friends chain

People to clustering station to group points, if and your friends chain of the site is a good quality station, then your station will be a good station, if and you link the station is being punished station, then your stand away punishment is not far, so when your site is down right, at this time you have to see and your friend chain site has no problem, if there are suspected objects immediately replaced! Otherwise generations infinite!

Four: If there is no Baidu space, please open immediately

Some people because their website is punished by Baidu, do not carry on the self test instead of Baidu abuse, even without Baidu's products, to protest, but your personal strength for Baidu is like a boat in the ocean, can not lift the monstrous waves, so we still want to and Baidu close, if no Baidu space, Immediately opened it, and then adhere to the daily update of high-quality articles to space inside, but also updated to the website, so that Baidu can eliminate the punishment for you as soon as possible!

Five: The construction of high-quality outside the chain and promotion

Although your site is down the right, but the strength of the promotion can not be reduced, at this time it is best to get more high-quality outside the chain, such as to A5 on the submission, often have a good effect, Baidu will follow you on the A5 article crawl to your site, you know A5 weight is how high, For your site's help will be obvious, many webmaster friends is through the A5 on the site to make their own website early out of misery!

The above is the author to introduce five kinds of self-help methods, are relatively basic, difficult, but you insist, as long as we can seriously in accordance with the method I introduced to do, must be able to in a relatively short period of time to let your site regain new life! Of course, it's more important to prevent So everyone in the construction of the site must be down-to-earth to do, do not think all day opportunistic, otherwise the future will spend more time to still have! This article from the seven-dimensional excellence to develop training original, A5 starting, Web site: Please specify, thank you!

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