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Here the point of no return is not to say life and death, but to say that the site's good and bad. Most of the time the webmaster to see the site as a child, every day hard work poured into the site above, if the site suddenly disappeared, or weight loss, then it is easy to think of the road to no return, a lot of time free space will play a leading site to the important role of the path of no return.

For free web space, the corresponding people are not unfamiliar, in fact, early in the Internet, there are many companies providing free space on the Internet, then the people popular record log, followed by the popular blog, and the blog is actually equivalent to free space. Of course, this article is to say that you can completely build their own free space, free resources, although good, but do not covet cheap, if you do not care about the free space, it may make your site to the point of no return.

This is not flashy, not advocating fee space how good, but free space does have a lot of deficiencies, below one by one for everyone to explain these deficiencies; If you want to do a good website, then still need to charge space to give force.

Free space hardware service is not enough

Now the domestic provider of free space, many hosts, such as the host House, the first business, etc., recently in providing free space, but also a lot of capacity, may be a lot of netizens will be echocardiography. However, we should note that space business is to make money, most of the time to provide free space, whether it is speed or after-sales service are inadequate, if it is a well-known company to provide space can also be, some unknown companies provide free space simply deceptive, and even steal your website data Oh.

Two, free space website mixed

Since the site space is free, free package no matter is good or bad are some people like, then like a lot of people, the speed of space will fall. There is, some netizens like to use free space to collect to do garbage station or something, even do some illegal websites, audit lax free space often appear in such cases, if you use the free space in such a site, it will seriously affect the stability of free space, not be attacked is the computer room shut down the site or even the server.

Third, free space may be implanted in advertising

Fully provide free space for many hosts, most of the space business requires the implantation of advertising, simply, if your site traffic is relatively large, then will be implanted ads, which you can not refuse, only to upgrade to the formal space. Maybe you will say, I have so much traffic, upgrade to the charging space is very normal; in fact, the above three points of the situation may make it difficult for your site to have large traffic, so that you are in the free space has been free of charge for space merchants hanging ads.

Iv. filing may make it difficult for you to escape

In fact, now the free space is also required to record, in particular, the formal large-scale space business, are the requirements of this aspect, if you have to file for free, then the use of space after the discovery of space is rotten, then ready to transfer space, then the record will become your trouble, you can either transfer abroad, Either continue to use the space provider's mainframe, or cancel the filing for another record. If your site is still a bit of traffic, then such a trade-off may make you tangled up oh.

About the free space of some deficiencies first introduced so much, free space although good, but only for test templates or personal play, if you are ready to make a website to make money or something, then or do not try to free things, why the national well-known space dealers do not provide free space, And only the less well-known space providers to provide free space, the reason for this, apart from attracting people, there is hope to use free bondage you, so you have to choose, such free is actually bait, eat not eat is you. This article by the Love Not Net ( stationmaster original, welcome reprint to share, reserve link, thank cooperation!

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