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The development of Web site can not be separated from the construction of site links, in all of us are talking about the importance of internal links at the same time, the importance of external links to the site is also very important. For the advantages of internal links, you can speed up the collection of sites, enhance the weights between levels, increase the importance of the transfer of their own rights and so on. This should be based on an external import node, which should complement each other.

For the construction of external nodes, mainly divided into one-way links, but also can be divided into cross links and promotional links. There is a kind of friendship link that is usually said. Node building in the site, each webmaster under the mind are not small, but also every webmaster almost every day to do one of the things, for this aspect of learning and research is the most time to devote the most energy. However, relative to the novice webmaster, Friendship Link Exchange is very difficult, especially the new on-line site included in all aspects are still in the early stages of development, so some AdSense began to buy links for their own site to add links, of course, for the initial period is not a bad choice, So you can see that the introduction of the link to the site optimization method is very important. In addition, the use of one-way links for the construction of link nodes is very important, but also the advantages of long-term development, because it is entirely by manual operation, so more mobile, especially for a piece of content one-way node import.

It is because the import of links sometimes determines the ranking of a site, so for the quality of the import link is a lot of webmaster values. Its importance is that the search engine can through the nodes at all levels, attract spiders to visit, effective import links more can reflect the value of the site. The reason for this is the large number of links to the guide, not only can make the overall structure of the site full exposure, increase the popularity of the site links, in some high weight sites have your site links, more able to guide the transfer of weight, with the increase in the intensity of the site, the value of its website will be more and more weight naturally will be promoted. For link import quality aspects, the popularity mentioned above is very worthy of attention, simple to say should make the site links should be more likely to disperse, can be linked to the promotion of various links, not limited to a certain station, can make full use of the resources provided by the network to blogs, forums, Industry sites and so on to promote, but also to make each promotion location to have a certain amount, enough to arouse the attention of spiders.

For one-way import links, generally pay attention to the control of good popularity and promotion cycle, must not be happy in the outside hair a large pile, over a period of time due to other reasons and not to promote, search engine see suddenly very do not like the feeling of ups and downs, so whether in the weight of high sites, Or in other forums to promote the blog, we must achieve stability first, stable cycle. For two-way links that is, the introduction of links, you should be able to choose some open directory to login, because some search engines are often optimized to call some of the Open Directory site, the most obvious is Baidu and hao123, of course, this is just for example, The possibility that the new station landed hao123 is basically completely gone. Based on the relevance of search engine and Word segmentation technology, select the site with its own site, the relevance of the website, for the selection of links the best is the choice of continuous updates of the site, a long time does not update the dead station, the value of the link is not much, or not at all, spiders know his station does not update, spiders will go, Does he still follow the lead? Of course, on the basis of the above can find the export links less site, it is a good thing to be happy, mainly in order to obtain effective high-quality import.

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