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In learning SEO, how to do the keyword is the introduction of knowledge. Remember a book has said: Do keywords, especially uncommon keywords, it is easy to do first. So we often see a lot of new stations, gently loose the key words to do Baidu first, Google first. However, if I am allowed to ask, how much traffic does the uncommon keywords bring to you? It is estimated that these stationmaster should tongue-tied for it.

Take my website for example, my everybody le Chengdu Errand Company, the first use is "Chengdu errands Chengdu Errand company Chengdu Errand Service" Three key words, enough concise clear, the fitting topic? Of them 2 keywords: Chengdu errands, Chengdu Errand service all do Google first, Others are ranked second in Baidu and Google. But this time the user traffic is very few, although the user from access to the actual purchase service conversion rate is very high, but limited to the access base, the site has been at a loss.

Later on in A5 consulted a webmaster, he to my keyword selection, gave a relentless criticism: an uncommon keyword, although may be very close to your website theme, bring the user also has a very high rate of purchase conversion, but it is unlikely to bring a large user base. How is the problem to be solved? The webmaster also put forward the pertinent and well-meaning rectification advice: uncommon keywords to do, but the relevance of high key words must also do. Keywords that are highly relevant to your site's theme, may be a hot keyword, the competition is very fierce, but because of this, the user's options are more, the choice of possibilities will be more, access to your site to the probability, compared to the rare keyword is still much higher, and because of high correlation, the conversion rate is not too low.

Specific to my site everyone le Chengdu Errands Company's business, but also contains the city of Chengdu Express, Chengdu Flowers Courier, Chengdu Cake, such as ordering a number of business, and in google keyword ranking site Keywordsandbox Search "Chengdu", these several keywords ranked in the top 10, and my main word "Chengdu Errand Company" 6 months of search volume, only Chengdu Flowers One months search volume of one-fiftieth. Such a thought, even the mainstream flower courier site closed 95% of them, one months of leakage to my site traffic, but also more than I do uncommon keywords to bring traffic.

After the rectification of the site, replaced the tittle and keywords "Chengdu Flowers Chengdu Flower Express Chengdu with the City Courier company," The weight of the low for a good period of time. But after 2 months of renewal, the ranking of the site went up again, the original rare keyword ranking unchanged, the new mainstream keyword ranking is greatly increased, "Chengdu City Express" is ranked the fifth page, now bring some flowers courier, with the City Express customers, has basically achieved the financial level of the site. I believe, continue to adhere to, by virtue of our website service features, to achieve profitability is only sooner or later things.

SEO is a technology, its starting point, should be based on user experience optimization technology. Do uncommon keywords is probably the most fit user experience, but this does not mean to deny the expansion of the user may search for keyword matching, so that the relevant high key words also bring traffic and even purchasing power practices. After all, small and medium-sized webmaster in the short term need to consider not loss, or even profit.

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