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People have been saying that my traffic is not going, how can improve traffic. In fact, we write a blog, of course, hope that a lot of people to see, many people to comment, at least to their own words is a kind of affirmation. When you put the ad on your blog. Then the traffic is especially important to you.

How to improve blog traffic. Everyone actually Baidu a lot. Original articles, do seo, keywords, exchange links. In fact these you have done, you still have no flow. Blogging is unlikely to have a lot of traffic in the short term, unless it's a celebrity blog or you're unique. Yufeng open Bo, to help you make a link, then you must be fire. We are not celebrities. The article wrote and don't want Han Han so sharp. How we increase traffic. We can only do it differently.

We can contribute, we can cast to Chinaz, Admin5,cnbeta,caogen and so on a webmaster class station. Someone said. I can't write technical articles. I don't know anything about technology. So I can tell you two ways.

One is you go for original. Take the articles of others and change them for oneself. This method is not very advocated. But you can't. This may be your way out.

Two you can go to Tianya, Mop, Sohu, China Net Forum and so on some big forum. Go and send some articles. Maybe someday you'll be the next Yufeng.

Of course, just posting is not enough. More to go to some blog navigation station, want to blog Daquan, website Daquan. I don't give up if I have the chance.

Go to the Independent blog message more. After all, a return visit is very important. You can also go to some celebrities blog to say. If you can get on the couch. And then leave your address. Then this flow can not be ignored.

Of course, the most important is not said above, but insist on insisting on. If you want high traffic, want to do SEO. Must insist. There is not a very famous in the industry: no best seo, only the most diligent SEO.

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