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In the rapid development of the Internet today, whether it is coder, product sales, designers, seoer, network promoter, almost 80% of netizens have their own independent blog. Because independent blogs have its own advantages, independent blogs are more than just a personal information publishing platform. is a personal brand of display, he can easily and quickly release personal work experience, mood diary and product information. So how to promote their own blog, today to share my promotion of independent blog several major methods.

One: Do blog content and image

Do a good job blog content and image This is the most basic, want to promote themselves out, first of all have to dress up beautifully, but also to let oneself have the connotation has experience, there can let others appreciate and learn content. Then first need to give their own blog a good theme, a good topic is equivalent to a good instrument. Can give users a fresh feeling, so that users have to continue to read the desire of the article. If the blog article is good enough to write, perhaps the user will be able to remember your blog's domain name or title or put it in the Favorites folder. The second is to do a good blog content, content must be original, the best and your blog theme to call and share some actual combat experience.

Second: blog comment promotion

Blog comment Promotion is to go to other independent blog comments to promote your blog, now most of the Open source blog to fill in the comments will let you fill in the site link, which is conducive to bloggers to return, in filling in the comments when the content must be written, so that Bo Lord a look there is want to understand your desire, So as to achieve the purpose of making a return visit.

Third: QQ Group Promotion

QQ Group to promote the need to be targeted to add some groups, the best is independent blog group, these groups are some independent blog enthusiasts, in these groups can not only communicate with each other blog experience, but also can quickly and efficiently find links, in the group for a long time to understand each other, the exchange of the blog has become a natural habit, So as to improve their blog's popularity.

Four: Soft article promotion

Soft Wen Promotion is now the most popular way to push the product push the site to push the personal brand is basically inseparable from the soft text promotion, just set up a good blog blog Novice can write a "Why I want to build their own independent blog" or "The Good Independent blog" and other articles to the major sites published, When your blog has made some achievements, you can write an article such as "How do I do the Independent blog" or "Independent blog management" and other articles as the experience of publishing outside to attract users.

Five: New articles Riga old article link

This is a way to see a promotion of cattle blog learned, new article Riga old article links not only to optimize the effect of the blog, but also from the release of soft text to bring traffic, such as you write a data-sharing article when the content mentioned before sharing the top100 of the Forum data, Then you can. This is a title plus a link to the old article. If the reader wants to see the TOP100 forum data, he will click on this link to enter your blog to achieve the effect of increasing traffic.

VI: Weibo promotion

Weibo is the new product of the past two years, is a network marketing network to promote another powerful platform, using the microblogging broadcast and forwarding features to show their own blog to fans, and then fans to broadcast to fans. Note that when tweeting, it is best to cut the contents of the blog post into a picture, and then attach the blog address to the last post of the microblogging content. This will increase the number of clicks.

Seven: SEO optimization

SEO optimization is also a very important part of the promotion, by doing keyword ranking is also the site to obtain traffic of the common methods, especially blog and some small corporate web sites and portals. Do keyword ranking first select the target keywords, such as my blog on the choice of "PHP tutorial", Baidu Index is on the PHP in this piece of the relatively high, and not very difficult. Select the target keyword, on this keyword to do some high-quality links, and then do the chain and outside the chain, do these basically target keywords in a single-day and so on can have a good ranking. In addition to doing the target keyword can also do long tail keyword, can find some and target keyword related keywords do, such as my blog on the "How to open the PHP file" This long tail keyword, his search volume is larger, the difficulty is relatively low, take the first page is very easy, can bring a lot of traffic.


Eight: RSS Subscription Promotion

If your blog is doing well enough to create value for users, users will subscribe to your article via RSS. So every time you write an original article do not have to do any promotion, will also come a lot of traffic.

Above said eight kinds of independent blog promotion way, but the most important or own blog content is good enough, must original, original article not only favor search engine, to user also is not stereotyped. Of course, the promotion of independent blog to have a good executive power, the promotion is not a day two days of things, but a long-term adherence to the process.

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