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In fact, for a webmaster, think the most rare is to do the promotion of the chain outside the work, because, they will find out the chain is also a lot of knowledge and pay attention to, the so-called garbage outside the chain do not send too much, that is, in some low weight, low included in the site outside the chain hair too much is not much significance, To do is to do high-quality hyperlinks or aiming text, but many webmaster found in some of the high weight of the forum is difficult to send links, is always found their own links have been deleted, or their account has been blocked, and sometimes will find their own links to send the search engine is not included, So outside the chain this thing is to let a lot of webmaster or promotion staff headaches. Here, we will share with you the release of the chain I used some ways and means to ensure the stability of the chain.

First, the development of accounts, and do a good job signing

The increase of the chain is still related to a lot of relationships, is the site's signature work must be done, can be in the high weight of the site to do the signature, the premise is that you need to go to multiple forums registered account, and then the level of their own account gradually improve, and then do the signature. Will find some forums to upgrade the long, this is to explain the signature or have a certain role, otherwise it will not set the difficulty for everyone to do it.

Second, the form of soft text link promotion

We recommend that you keep 1-2 personal original soft articles a day, through the original soft form to bring their own links or aiming text, you can send in multiple forums synchronously, you can also contribute to the way to the release of soft text, through the reprint to play a certain effect. I think, a lot of webmaster are not like to write things in person, is like to collect or copy things, and then bring their own links, this approach is not too kind, and the effect may not be very good, personal advice or write their own, after all, their own site is also the need for their own original, Some of them are required to have a certain style of writing skills.

Third, familiar with the version of the rules, clear which links can be issued

Personally feel that after the forum, the first is to be familiar with the version of the Rules, know which forms of links can be sent, for example, some of the forum stressed that the original, if the content of their own posts is to describe their site now exists problems and phenomena, then can be sandwiched into their own hungry links, So for the webmaster is to describe the webmaster what problems to bring their own hyperlinks, such forms of links will not be deleted, and comply with the version of the rules, this form of the link is a stable nature.

Four, cultivate high weight blog, release stable outside the chain

The blogger sits down and thinks it's too much of a waste of time. and need too much material, but also need to update regularly daily, so personally think that the cultivation of high weight blog or have a certain amount of time and energy, need to have a certain degree of execution and endurance, so as to provide their own web site strong stability outside the chain.

Chapter five, through the search questions form and classified information platform to publish links

Search to ask feel or compare easy to publish links, just need to pay attention to the issue of the address of the link and the content of the question is related to it, the general will be through the audit, the individual sat down to find the difficulty is not too big, and the classification information platform is to need their own through the release of recruitment information, goods trading information, property information Leave their own link address, the premise is that you need to release the information content of more detailed, can be very good through the audit.

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