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Now we all know that the chain is very important, slowly from the previous content for the king, to now outside the chain for the king, SEO Masters are desperately out of the hair, in order to be able to achieve a good search engine rankings.

As for the outer chain of the place, very early master said: Friendship links Ah, message board, blog Ah, forum ah. So many blogs, message boards, BBS mass tools, early tools are also effective. Now Google, Baidu obviously lowered the message book, blog permissions, as for BBS, or no one to manage the garbage forum, which are all rubbish links, high quality, good forum, moderator's energy than the webmaster are still strong, to a delete, they are suspicious of advertising posts are quite despised and disgusted, How can it be promoted in a good forum?

First, choose the counterpart BBS Forum

is to choose a popular forum, the popularity of the administrator basic are very "energy", is not tolerate you to send ads. So the advertisement soft text is quite hidden, find the right forum to do the following test:

1. Select a forum to select the first signature of the Forum (advanced to browse a few posts, see people can take signature not?).

2. Then go in and register to find some of the classic posts, publish, observe whether the post needs what level?

3. Finally modify this post, in order not to prematurely burst their own, you can add a Baidu link, (This is the test forum can send a link, can send a link to Baidu, of course, can also send you, no one thinks you are to help Baidu ads. ), the successful modification, the completion of the camping, the target.

Two, two rabbit walk along the ground, Ann can distinguish me is a male female

1. Keyword is no problem, the real link is your real link. Example: Baidu looks like Baidu, the point is indeed Google. Saw a webmaster in a large theory sent a beautiful figure, said click "Refresh", the picture can be changed, but the "refresh" URL is his own station. Be cheated still a lot of ah, hehe.

2. With a beautiful picture with the connection, the picture to get more pictures and so on (also can use text).

This method can be mixed with lazy or inexperienced forum administrators, the experience of the owner is not useful.

Three, without connection, just say station name

This way you have to guarantee the search station name, you are in the first one. May be a bit of a disadvantage, there is no external connection, but for the strict management of the forum or more useful, although there is no laozhao outside the connection, search station name to the flow is quite optimistic, but also improve the visibility of the site.

Four, the title must have the imagination

Title to Temptation, let a person a bit of the impulse (do not be pornography), or not worth the candle. Let the more people see the better, with the signature, the effect is good.

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