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To do SEO, which direction should I try? I'm afraid many practitioners do not understand the problem correctly. I think maybe we should rethink the theme of the website, find out the core value, and start the SEO project. SEO is just a means to let the target user find the site, and create value or continue to visit the site frequently. But if the site content does not follow, can not attract users, then the cattle SEO is just pull to a moment of traffic, for us this flow is ineffective, then how SEO is in vain. So start to do SEO work before, should first the content of the site to do the overall planning, set a complete site structure planning, readjust columns and topics, find the right target keywords, mining long tail keywords. After the SEO operation, complete the site's overall optimization, so that the site to get a qualitative leap.

Reducing the bounce rate is a thorny issue for many friends, and it requires a good structure of the site first. Tree-shaped structure is consistent with the majority of people browsing web habits, such as inverted tree-like structure of the web, he is not only in line with the majority of the browsing habits, but also the search engine is willing to accept a Web site structure, so we start to build the station is to implement this tree-shaped structure of the leading ideas, simplifying the web structure, everywhere for the viewer and search So that they are very convenient access to the site's various pages without corner.

In practice to effectively reduce the bounce rate has the following experience:

1. First of all, to solve by searching the relevant keywords into the site of the visitors to search for the purpose, so that the site has a sense of identity, reflect the value of the site.

2. To solve the browser's search purposes, because through a variety of means to attract viewers attention, so that it is not immediately away from the site, but to generate the power to continue clicking.

3. Specific practice: Deep digging long tail keyword. In-depth analysis of the needs of the visitors, around the need to do a further supplement, and friendly display for the visitors to choose.

SEO is a means to help us achieve the goal, like a battle, we must first identify the strategic objectives, and then start the tactical arrangements. SEO is not omnipotent. This article source: Hohhot Forum A5 starting, reprint please keep the source, thank you.

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